One thing I've realized as I've been writing this story which I feel is one of my best I've ever written is that originally Clem was gonna have a much larger role in the plot, and he'll show up again just not now…When I introduced Squeeks I realized the relationship between Bumble and Squeeks was much more interesting than the conflict between Bumble and Clem and while reading a book on Storytelling 101 I kind of asked myself, What is the moral this story is trying to teach? And I realized the message is about cowardice, Clem fell into a villainy because he was a coward living in psychological terror of his parents who may no longer be even alive and basically living in constant fear of 'not being proper' by his parents' regard standards to the point he feared doing anything that might make him happy will have some sort of vague consequence, which is why he is such a happy slave, he fears having to make his own decisions…The recipient of the moral of this story isn't Bumble but Squeeks, which seems off for the hero's companion to be the one who needs to learn the moral, but when I watched an online analysis of Disney's The Little Mermaid they said the one who learns the lesson at the end isn't the star of the story Ariel but her Father King Triton I mean that really blew my mind when I heard that

Despite Squeeks' growing envious feelings Bumble never believed he was ever perfect, he knew he had things he wasn't good at, and sometimes he wasn't perfectly chill.

Like during his early gracefulness training, when he and some other apprentices had to walk across the room balancing their books on their head (Cookbooks, what other kind of book would there be in a restaurant?)

Bumble smooth furred head made it easy for the books to keep sliding off before he even got startedwhile Edgar and English Bulldog-Boy from deep in the Southeast of Mizzer's Western Continent was able to stride back and forth balancing two books on his broad head.

"This is unfair!" Bumble finally barked

Smugly Edgar turned and said in his Southern Drawl "I can't help it I'm so…Elegant and refined!"

"It's because…" Bumble said scowling "…You have such a large stinking head!"

So you see, sometimes even Bumble can stoop to insults...

But anyway ever since learning about the Nightmares that had been plaguing his friend Squeeks, Bumble didn't feel right just idling by and letting his friend be tormented by these mental monstrosities that could be multiplying as we speak!

So one night, Bumble decided to do something about it despite the Dream Fairy explicitly warning him he was not to tackle fighting nightmares until he had reached puberty and he was only eight years old…

But that night, after everyone else had fallen asleep Bumble jumped out of his body, already dressed in the green tunic and leggings of the Dream Weaver Uniform, he swished his sword into being, and he dived down to the bunk below into the head of his Naked Mole Rat friend…

Squeeks' head was not a pleasant place to be, if Bumble didn't know any better he might have been under the impression he was just entered Hell!

The Nightmares, those serpentine monsters with Naked Mole Rat heads were everywhere, they were chanting things like 'Death!' 'Evil!" and 'Beware!' Bumble tried to stab the nearest Nightmare but it simply grabbed his sword in its jaws and flung him into the center.

Bumble cowered as the Nightmares stared at him hungrily…

'You will never be good enough!' Said one of the Nightmares

'No one will ever love you!' Said another, drool dripping from its rodent jaws.

However before they could devour him, the Dream Fairy swooped in and grabbed Bumble whisking his Spirit out of Squeeks' mind and back into his own body

"I had a feeling you would try something like this tonight." She sighed "Now you see why only experienced Dream Weavers can fight Nightmares.

"They said things like 'You will never be good enough' and 'No one will ever love you' Bumble said "Why did they say these things?"

"Bumble." The Dream Fairy said "It's time to be blunt, as a Dog Humanimal from Mizzer you know very little about how any of the other Humanimal in the other districts lived…"

So yeah showed a little of Bumble's flaws to prove he isn't a complete Gary Stu