Hi, everyone. I've decided to do in story in honor to all of our hard-working women, moms and grandmas,(or nanny if you call them that), even trans but mostly to all the ones who really lived it real rough, especially the ones in the British Royal Family. After hearing Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah regarding royal tensions and struggle, along insensitivity over her son's race(that is so fucked up!) and security; with all that trouble I really feel it as justice that I fairly dedicated this story to her, and most especially along in respect to Princess Diana. This story will show exactly what she'd would've thought of the actions that were taken today(this is mainly my assumption, given her personality but I'm sure that she would've been glad by what the couple did.)

So here it is for y'all to start reading.

Warning: No backlash or negative criticism please.

March 8th, 2021

*Somewhere in the Heavenly Afterlife*

Lounging at her comfortable recliner, Princess Diana Spencer of Wales gleamed out as she stared at the glistening sun that arrowed above her. What a lovely morning, she thought blissfully as she took a full sip of her warm 'Princess Peach Bellini Tea' and crunched on her toast and glob of chunky honey on it.

Those types of sweet goodies weren't something that she'd normally would eat for breakfast back when she was alive and still lived with her ex-husband and children in the House of Windsor but she didn't really care. After all, she had a reason to indulge instead of feeling ashamed. Today was a very special exciting occasion that held very deeply and personal to her, it was an event that was only landmark to all women, especially the ones that had done through struggles, ones that were quite as difficult and straining that she'd had to put through with the royal family and their conservative traditional standard.

Yep, you guessed it. International Women's Day.

Diana could feel herself reminiscing, which was what she did every single year whenever that day came up. She would think back to the highlight and positive achievements that she had contribute to all society as any other women would have made, such as donating to charities and organizations that would help the lower classes, reaching out and spreading kindness to the terminally ill people and kids with cancer. She'd always felt happy whenever she help the community and it made her feel good to see that within the years, that her actions have help inspire other women to assume an important role in their own community also.

That certainly had done quite a change. Even if the world was still going a bit crazy, especially with that Coronavirus epidemic ( she prayed that her children and the rest of the family never contract it when it's going on), there were some improvement with gender diversity and rights, starting with women.

Diana got off her recliner and peered through the fluffy clouds to check up on her children but the first that she want to see first was her younger son and his wife. In all the best regard, she had grown a lot of sympathy toward the couple, especially to her daughter in law due to the struggles that she have to put up with the family, regarding the marriage with her son. That had completely set a full strain. It sadden her to see how it had also affect the relationship with Harry and his brother, along with their father. Though only time could tell, she hope that the two of them would eventually lose their apathy and possible reconcile with her son again. Nonetheless, she was glad to see that the couple have distanced themselves from the toxic environment of the palace and living the live that they so want, despite anyone objects

As Diana start to observe, there she saw the two of them, completely sitting down on a set with Oprah, clearing talking with her. She listened as she peered closely.

When she did the next couple of the minutes, her eyes were beginning to weel when she hear the detail of what her in-law had to say of behalf toward the treatment that she've received from most of the royal member( it'd surprise her to hear that the Queen was the only one to get along really well with Harry's wife, considering her conventions about royal marriages).

It was even very appalling to comprehend the prejudice that she had to face, solely because of her mixed-race and for that, the royal family didn't grant her grandson a title or any type of protection. She'd certainly thought that they were better than this, but being racist to women, that was extremely unfair.

But what really did made her day better was that a couple of hours later, she peered through again to see the couple and what she saw would make her heart pour with emotion. She saw her daughter in law making shipments of deliveries from a bakery, directly to all the families that were in full need and to all the women as a gift of appreciation in this worldly celebration today.

The Princess beamed happily as she would looked on in thought. In all the facing struggles that every women, aside from her had to endured, they didn't lose the spirit of perseverance and to keep spreading a gift that would always be passed on:Gratitude, Empowerment, Unity and most of all, Hope.

The End.

In honor to Lady Di and all other women, out there, especially celebs like Billy Eillish, Dua Lipa, Danielle B. etc. Happy International Womens Day