Being a tenacious and perceptive associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP, Tony Diab interacted with the clients to ascertain their needs, selected the most appropriate course of action, and represented the interests of the clients at meetings and in court. Demonstrating the outstanding research skills, he made the best use of his knowledge to conclude the cases, as required.

As the former associate at the law firm, Tony was quite familiar with the legislation and case law within and related to the specialty of his clients. He utilized his ability to comprehend complex matters and identified the laws that were applicable to them. He possessed a thorough knowledge of the legal procedures and kept himself updated with the current developments. Holding persuasive communication skills, he helped in building trust and broadening the client base. Holding a keen eye for detail coupled with good researching ability, Tony maintained, updated, and modified the documents needed during the presentation in the court.

Tony Diab made the full use of various applications and computer programs to update, document, sort and classify the important legal correspondences and make presentations. Additionally, he coordinated with the clients to fix up meetings, conferences, and calls. Holding the excellent academic background combined with relevant work experience, Tony was always involved in preparing for the trails, hearings and participated in the legal proceedings to gain experience. He also assisted in gathering all the data and information that was relevant to the case that was of great help.

About Tony Diab

Tony Diab was highly involved in helping with preparation of various contracts, agreements, and planning of estates. He coordinated with the clients to fix up meetings, conferences, and calls. He was involved in the studying and identifying the laws that were applicable to the case. He was responsible for generating various reports that needed to be presented during meetings with clients.