I seem to often end up in public fountains!

Carl and I had just finished eating, one summer evening. Rather than drive, we walked to the restaurant, then we started to walk back home. It was after 9:00pm, one summer evening.

On the way, we walked by a circular fountain. It was lit, and we could see someone wading in it. On closer inspection, we saw that it was a girl. She was in the center of the fountain. She was kneeling in the water, and it looked like she was getting something.

Motioning Carl to silence, I got into the fountain—I was barefooted already—and silently waded over to the girl. It looked like there was an opening at the base of the upper tier, and she was getting something from it.

"It's a nice night to go swimming, honey!" I said.

She glanced up at my and started running. But I quickly caught her, and we wrestled in the water. Eventually, I was able to subdue her. Meanwhile, Carl had taken his shoes and socks off and gotten in the water with me.

"OK, start explaining yourself!" I said.

"Why should I?" she said.

"Because I'm a cop!" Carl said, "and this is my wife, who's a private detective!"

Again, she tried to run, but I was able to hold onto her.

Carl called the cops, and they came onto the scene.

It turned out that some stolen jewels were stashed in that compartment! The girl's boyfriend at taken them from a house and hidden them for a few weeks, and she collected them.

We got $1000 reward money—pretty good for getting our feet wet!