Hiii! I just wanted to make an author's note to explain a few things. First of all, thanks for clicking on this story, and please check out my other stories. This story is rated M just to be safe. I don't want to get in trouble with fictionpress or anything but some of the short stories are appropriate for teens. If you have already read another one of my books, you may have noticed I type the author's note at the beginning and end of each chapter in bold. However, for this book I'm only going to be bolding the narrator's words. Though the story is in first person, the person in bold will kind of just be there in each chapter to build suspense/ hint at what the chapter will be about. In some chapters, I'll just do this two sentence thing, where you get sentence one at the beginning of the chapter, and sentence two at the end. I don't normally write horror fiction, I was just inspired by other books and series on tv, so if you have any prompt ideas for me please leave them in the review section. Also, if some stories aren't scary I'm sorry. But I do hope you enjoy! Please leave reviews! Byeeeeee!