It wasn't Sandra's usual grocery store, but the new building seeming to pop up overnight had her pulling her car into the parking lot. She needed a few items, anyway.

The doors took a moment to slide open for her and squeaked and shuddered as they did. She winced at the effort behind the movement. Taking several steps into the store, she looked around and then moved off to her left. Sandra stopped in front of a stack of oranges and reached out to test their ripeness.

Her hand sunk into a soft rind; it was warm in the center. Bringing her free palm up to her mouth to try to suppress her nausea, she wiped her hand against the wooden frame and tried to ignore the sickly sweet smell of decaying fruit. She backed up and glanced over at the rest of the food around her. The lettuce was brown and curled, the fruit sagging and decaying in on itself.

It was then that the wrongness hit her in a suffocating wave that brought the nausea back in full force. Though there had been plenty of cars in the lot when she had pulled in, there was no one else around her. The store remained empty, the bright lights glaring off of untouched tile. She turned back to relocate the main doors. She couldn't find them - only towering displays of rotting fruit, rotting flesh.