8 Years Ago, Matojoa Barracks, 7:00 A.M.

Alarms blared; chaos reigned as the dawn broke and the sun rose on a brutal slaughter. Bodies of Changeling troops were strewn about everywhere; the sands of the impromptu began to run red with the blood of elite warriors, as far as the eye could see.

The culprit of this massive slaughter surveyed his handiwork; his power continued to emanate from him despite the defeat of his enemies. The fierce crackles that sounded from his energy simply underscored the powerful silhouette of the man currently using Stage 2 of the Universal Boost. "CODE BLACK! I REPEAT! CODE BLACK! ALL REMAINING TROOPS, RETREAT!" A female voice sounded over the intercom of the military installment.

"Could have called for an evacuation a little earlier, General." The powerful intruder said aloud, his voice echoing from the sheer presence of his Universal Chi. He activated the Sight of Oracles, searching for the mission's objective. "Hmmm… Seems like something major was indeed planned. It's rare that troops from the Masai, Hesura, Kanuri, Hutu and Yorura would be stationed on the same base…" He pondered, before locating the headquarters of the base. The remaining troops that the General of this base spoke of now rallied around her; it was noticed that none of the subordinate officers were left alive as they attempted to abandon this position.

The Human-Elf hybrid began to fly towards the base HQ, still pondering just why all ten thousand troops were so keen on defending this base and the secrets it held to the literal last able-bodied adult. "Looks like The Empress was right." He said, as he looked upon the wreckage his power had wrought when he unleashed the Sphere of Devastation. All the weapons, military vehicles and even ballistic warheads that were destroyed when he was spotted and was forced to face every single troop and subordinate officer this base had to bear.

"All of this ordinance, and firepower, as well as many of the best troops the Kingdoms of Paradise could muster… Whatever they were planning, it's safe to say it's unfeasible for it to continue." He said, before sensing another presence closing in. This one approached him from behind; exactly the opposite direction of the retreating General and his troops. The Human-Elf was dumbfounded by this development, and he tuned his ears and other senses to focus on the approaching challenger.

"NGUVU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" The Changeling General's voice sounded, clearly from an earpiece. The young boy in question was racing towards the one who had just slain ten thousand troops in short order; the culprit wondered how this boy managed to avoid disaster as he continued to listen in on the conversation.

"Nguvu, I know you can hear me! Please, get out of there! This base has been compromised!" The General pleaded. "You just keep running, General Kontos. As for me, I refuse to let this bastard go free!" The assailant blinked at hearing this.

"YOU!" The boy bellowed out, projecting his voice to the point where the assailant could hear him. He looked down, saw the form of a young teenager on the ground below him, and descended. As soon as he was about 10 or so feet away from the challenger, said challenger continued to speak. "You murdered my parents! My comrades! Everybody!" Nguvu wrathfully stated, his powerful form shaking with sheer vengeance.

Though the boy was only fourteen years old, he stood roughly 6 feet tall and was heavily muscled; he looked to be not a single pound under 230. "You'll pay dearly for what you've done!" Nguvu said, and with that he burst forward, bringing all of his strength to bear. His punch crashed through a wall, and said wall being shattered to pebbles told him he had missed. The intruder simply dodged out of the way of the very strong, very vengeful young warrior's punches and kicks. Any single one of those strikes would have killed any elite warrior that they had hit. The splash of dust, stone, sand and debris that rose from the impact of Nguvu's last axe kick was at least the size of a small oak tree.

But if the telltale signs of Stage 2 of the Universal Cloak form didn't already spell out that this intruder was beyond any elite or indeed most unnatural talents, he simply caught Nguvu's next punch. "What?" He gasped out in abject horror when he couldn't retract his arm. Without a further word, the intruder simply raised his other hand, and promptly applied Universal Force to the angered young warrior.

He resisted fiercely, and flailed at the intruder. Nguvu tensed all of his considerable muscles and continued to squirm and struggle. This was normally enough to allow him to break free of even the most skilled applications of Force Techniques regardless of which Conversion Force was being applied. But today, his strength failed him.

"This war is over." The intruder said, his voice being made only more powerful by the Stage 2 Universal Cloak. The fear in Nguvu's eyes as he realized how helpless he was spelled out just how much he was at this intruder's mercy. "Tell the Royal Clans of what you've witnessed here today." He said, releasing the trembling Masai warrior, who promptly fell to his knees. Nguvu made no attempt to stop him as the powerful killer flew away.

"I… I'm shaking?" Nguvu said when he realized he was trembling in fear. "He murdered my parents, made a mockery of everything they fought for… And I'm concerned for my own skin?!" Nguvu slammed a powerful fist on the ground, splashing up more debris as he did. "Afraid for my own well-being, when he murdered my parents and ruined my clan! No… I can not be this much of a coward! I can't let the weak come to any more harm!" The boy tensed his powerful muscles.

"No more being weak! No more being afraid!" Nguvu said, shaking the ground more and more with each time he pounded on it and continued his rant. However, it wasn't just the ground that was breaking as his grief pounded away both at the earth beneath him, but also his psyche. "No more! NO MORE! NO MORE!"

Nguvu's anger burst forward with a powerful roar; the animalistic power he possessed was not even being tapped into as he released a Chimeric roar.