This was strange.

No, scratch that, this was bizarre and no way in a million years would I think of this happening, let alone occurring within only six months when I had gotten my 'gift' of immortality.

Yes, me, Tyler Smith was living with the enemy... thee frenemy? I don't know what to call this situation!

And then another wild thing occurring... my fiancée Jessica Adams was pregnant... AND NOT with my child. No, WITH LUKE'S!

But in a way, in a bizarre way... this was actually a hidden blessing. Simply because the love of my life now was protected. Protected meaning she had received all of Luke's power through the infant in her room. And she could now be with me... forever.

You lose some battles and you win some battles, I guess?

But let's roll back a little to my current situation. Me and Jess were living with the Royals, becoming royals ourselves for the simple fact that we both now would never die.

Heh, never say never.

But in our current moment, that is the only truth we knew.

Cameron was in a dead coma, gone digital. Amy was invisible on and off. And Podge? My best friend Podge? He was in jail because of murder that had no proof of him being behind it. So in other words, everyone I cared about, all my friends and family... they were now gone from my life.

And reality was... I wanted them back.

But NO. Right now we had to live with the immortal Royals... and I somehow sensed that the baby in Jessica's womb... I felt like it didn't like me. But WHAT was I saying? I was just being delusional.

"Tyler Riley?"


I was looking out a large window to the world outside, seeing the hot sun beat down on the lush nature and greenery before my eyes.

"Please don't be jealous..."

I blinked twice with her revealed words.

"I'm... not."

"Yes, you are..." She said sulkily and pat the empty spot on the bed beside her, "I can read your thoughts, silly... and feel your emotions."

"Heh heh..." I laughed weakly in a sad voice, "Goody..."

"C'mon," She said, pouting her lips and looking sadly at me, "Come and give me a cuddle."

I smirked at that idea. I turned around to look Jessica in the eyes, her big innocent doe eyes and I rolled my own eyes up, thinking how in the world was I mad at her? She was the only one that made me happy.

I skipped over and plopped on the spare spot, the bed bouncing slightly at my landing. She giggled and hugged me on the side. I grinned wider and placed my hand on her pregnant gut, wanting to see if I could feel the baby...

It was then my hand suddenly yanked back, and I widened my eyes, looking at Jessica and her looking just as worried as I.

"Did you jerk me back..?" I asked her quietly, a fake amused giggle coming awkwardly out of my mouth. Jessica shook her head and we both looked down to her lower abdomen.

"Maybe the baby is just a little irritated."

"I swear that baby doesn't like me," I told her, feeling pathetic in myself at the thought and possible fact.

"Of course she loves you!" Jessica said, hugging me tighter and I cocked an eyebrow up at that sudden new piece of information.

"You think it's a girl?"

Jessica froze when I asked that basic question and went a bit red in the cheeks from embarrassment I presumed.

"N-no..." She peeped and let go of me, holding her hands around the tiny baby bump, "But she must! Girls run in my family."

"Funny enough," I added on to keep on the subject, "Girls walk in my family."

Jessica burst out into goofy laughter at my witty words and she shoved me gently, the pink fading slightly from her face but still keeping a light bit of red on her ever rosy cheeks.

"So you really think she likes me?"

"She will love you... once she's born..."

"And do you think she'll love me more than..." We both quieted down before I dared to ask the question, "Her... 'real' father?"

Jessica's doe eyes widened immensely in terror at the mention of that monster.

"You."She whispered to me, poking her timid index finger against my chest where my heart was hidden within, "You are her real father. YOU."

I barely smiled at that response. I wasn't really... I wasn't anything now... just an immortal that had lost his one chance of conceiving with the love of his life... but at the same time, lucky she was prego because now, Jessica was protected completely. Protection the baby gave her... Luke's powers now running in Jessica's bloodstream.

"Tyler Riley?" She peeped quietly, leaning against me and closing her eyes barely, "You know it's true. You know she'll love you... because I love you... everyone who knows you loves you. You are perfect."

I scuffed weakly at her words and when she heard my response she turned away sad.

I remain quiet for a few seconds, but my insides felt such inner pain... emotional pain that somehow hurt me more than being fired out of a canon or kicked in the balls.

"I'd never kick you in the balls, Tyler."

I froze when I realized Jessica was reading my thoughts and emotions. I smiled nervously back at her and kissed her gently on the cheek.

"I know, Jessy Bessy," I replied back and held her left cheek in a cupping of my hand. Her eyes twinkled as they looked at me and I added, "I just need to be alone right now..."

Her eyes became watery at that mention, and she looked at me upset. But she understood why. She now knew me better than what I knew myself.

"Don't be long," She whispered, kissing my hand that was holding her head up, "When you're away, it makes it hard to breathe."

I blinked a little surprised at her words, and I nodded my head gently, whispering back, "Ditto."

But she knew my words were a lie.

We kissed softly on the lips before our mouths departed and I got back up, leaving the room and walking down the newly furbished hallway. There were artists working on the ceilings and walls, painting beautiful pictures in replacement for the artwork that had been lost in the explosions.

I reached the opened doorway to the huge garden outside and sighed out heavily as I looked on and could see a beautiful beach far off in the distance. The immortals of course had their own private area reserved for them.

My mind felt empty, empty but of one thought.

Luke... Luke sleeping with Jessica... raping Jessica... it hurt just to think of that word.

If she had been fully awake she could've fought him off... she wouldn't have dreamt of it being me...

Now I feared... she would never want me to touch her that way... whether during or after the pregnancy.

It was love to me... but vindictive sex to Luke. One month ago, heh... can you believe it?

One month ago, he had saved her by committing one of the worst acts to a woman.

To a girl... Jessica, how I loved her...

Luke... how I loathed him so.