Well, I honestly hadn't expected this on my honeymoon. Sebastian was making calls, getting a rocket ship ready for us, Jessica only sat silently on the couch in the living room. Alice was packing her bags and me? I was just frantically walking back and forth in terror and disbelief.

"Where are we going to go...?" Jessica asked meekly and Sebastian finally got off his phone call, coming over to the centre of the room and whistling to get everyone's attention.

"Okay ladies and gentleman."

We all stared at him, getting ready to listen to whatever he had to say.

"There will be a ship ready for us in one hour, we'll be heading to the next closest human colony."

"Where?" Jessica asked with a scarce voice.

"Planet Humbin."

She nodded her head gently and then closed her eyes. I didn't know why she was acting so calm and reserved. A few minutes later she opened her sad doe eyes and smiled weakly, looking at us all and answering, "It looks lovely.. but it's so far away."

"Two human years, yeah." Sebastian muttered, and came over to her patting her gently on the back, "But I've visited there before, it's super peaceful and the locals are quite happy and advanced."

"Why did you come back here then?" I asked, almost demanding to know. Sebastian blinked his eyes, puzzled at my angry reaction.

"I don't know... I guess I love drama."

"I HATE IT!" I suddenly yelled, tears balling to the sides of my eyes and Sebastian's response was to laugh at me.

"Get your stuff, Romeo," He told me teasingly, felt more like a taunt if you ask me, "We'll be getting in the rocket in less than fifty minutes."

I grit my teeth, glancing back over to the timer on the clock and looked to see there were two hours left on it.

Jessica stood up then and flinched her head. I quickly saw it happening. She was levitating all our belongings out the door and to the luggage outside that was being tossed into the ship's bag compartment.

"The ship is autopiloted," Sebastian went on, minutes zooming by and not giving us a moment to catch our breaths.

"There's hydrogenated food inside, and even frozen body hibernation if you want to sit out the trip."

"Uh-huh," I replied. As I looked at the enormous white shiny craft, I felt goosebumps bubble slightly up on my pale skin.

"Don't worry, Tyler." Jessica said to me, "Everything will be alright."

"How?" I asked her, my heart quaking inside, "How will any of this be alright?"

"Just trust." She replied, holding my trembling hand in her own, "Trust."

That moment I saw her doe eyes glow yellow light, and I stiffened at the sight. But I couldn't tell her about her baby's powers... at least, not yet.

I knew those parts of my brain were protected from her telepathy, it almost felt like everyone was taking a slice out of my thoughts and mind.

Soon we entered the ship. We all got seat belted up, and we sat facing the sky, vertical instead of the normal horizontal position.

I looked through the glass, seeing in the distance a huge screen on a building away. The timer was on it too, as it had reached the last hour. Each second, each minute was ticking away and there was nothing we could do but leave.

Save this planet by abandoning it.

I glanced sideways over to Jessica. She had her eyes closed tightly, whispering quiet encouraging words to herself.

At last, I heard it. The ship's engines began to start up and there was a rumble from down below us as the fire gust out and propelled us suddenly high into the atmosphere. I was scared as I watched the world below us grow farther and farther away.

I closed my own eyes, feeling such sadness inside for the fact I was leaving the only home I had ever known. Why had Luke taken such drastic measures? Why was he so evil?

There! I said it. Luke was evil.

No more a sociopath or a lunatic. He was straight out rotten.

The only release I got from us leaving this world was that I'd be leaving the one I despised so very much.

Soon we were released from the gravity and pull of the planet. We watched as the atmosphere changed colour from dark purple and blue to the black void of space.

In a few hours, the seat signs turned green, indicating to the passengers of this trip that it was safe to unbuckle.

I nodded to myself and pressed off my seat belt.

The other immortals followed suit.

We all pushed out of our seats and floated there in the absent gravity of space.

I floated over to the thick glassed shield window and pressed my hands against it, looking out to the planet below... still so very close, yet now so far away as well.

I felt my hand being gripped in a hand lock and turned my sad face over to see Jessica's just as dismayed in her expression.

"We'll return one day, Tyler," She said to me with a sad smile, "He won't always have these powers."

"How do you know?" I uttered, not believing her words.

"I have hope." She replied and smiled weakly at me. She lifted my hand to her lips and kissed it gently.

"Well," Sebastian said, as he floated over between us and rubbed his hands together as if in some sort of excitement, "Shall we play some card games?"


We sat around a table that was drilled into the floor, the seats were too. There were seat belts attached to them so we wouldn't float off. We were playing poker and held onto our cards tightly so they wouldn't float away.

"And Sebastian has the lead with three rounds as the winner!" The immortal boy boasted and I rolled my eyes.

"More like cheated," I responded and Jessica giggled a little, saying to my mind.

He hasn't, I can see his cards.

Tell me what they are?! I begged her and she shook her head delightedly, giggling to herself.

Can't, that would be cheating! She said in my head.

I rolled my eyes, grumbling a little and the whole crowd of immortals just laughed at my sour grapes.

As Sebastian was putting down the next set of cards the ship suddenly bumped up and down, we all jerked from side to side. I froze up in fear and quickly unbuckled myself, floated over to the control room and looked inside. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The other immortals followed after me and Jessica kept behind me in fear as we watched some sort of flashing ball of light letting off sparks of electricity.

I could see a body in it although it was shadowy, averting the light from itself.

We had been on the ship for one week now, and nothing out of the ordinary had happened. But life always seemed to throw me a curveball. I gazed on at the human that the light was sparking off of, and then suddenly the light burst into empty flames, leaving the human body that just dropped there from exhaustion.

But... but I knew who that person was.

Colour quickly came back to them, and I recognized that curly pale blonde hair and light blue eyes anyway.

"CAMERON?!" I squeaked out in total utter surprise, "You're... you're ALIVE!"

"Well," Cameron huffed and puffed out as he stood unsteadily on his feet, before completely losing his balance and floating around like the rest of us, "I never technically died, now did I?"

"That's right!" I proclaimed, amazed at it all, "You had gone digital... so, so how are you alive physically?"

Cameron just huffed a weak laugh and looked at us all.

"I have a lot to tell you."


We all sat down to eat, the food not being the tastiest as it came out of tubes to our mouths. It felt like I was sucking out glue.

Cameron seemed to have regained his composer and joined us as we pushed liquid creamy mush into our gobs.

"So you're the famous virtual Cameron from long ago?" Sebastian asked, and Cameron took a heavy sigh out, nodding his head, "Why did you give up the digital world?"

"Because," Cameron replied, swallowing his food and glancing over to the immortal, "I wanted to be real again."

"But-" I added in, "Your body was completely brain-dead."

"Yes, it was."

"So-" I continued trying to add up all the pieces, "How are YOU now... in it?"

Cameron laughed nervously and pat me on the back in good humour.

"I'm not." He replied with a small uncomfortable laugh.

Okay...? This was confusing me even more now than ever.

"Can I talk to you two in private?" He asked me and Jessica then, and we both looked between each other, before shrugging our shoulders and leaving to a private room away from Alice and Sebastian.

"Okay." Cameron continued as we gathered in a small white cluttered room, "So I know Luke put out that threat for you guys to leave, but honestly." He went on, "I think we can beat him."

"How-?" I blurted out, eager to know, "How could we possibly do that?"

"Because I've been all across the digital universe." Cameron replied with a smart grin and huddled us closer together as he whispered his words, "I know how. I KNOW now nearly EVERYTHING!"

I cocked an eyebrow up, not convinced entirely from his motivating speech.


I stiffened up when I heard Cameron's voice in my head. Was he, was he now telepathic?

Yes, he replied and I tensed even tighter, that, and so much more!

I looked back at Jessica, she glanced back at me.

After our discussion, we came back out to the main living area of the ship, and Sebastian perked up when he saw our arrival. He nudged Alice with his elbow and she lifted her gaze to us too, though she didn't have Sebastian's enthusiasm.

"So, what is happening?" He demanded to know and floated over to Cameron as if to size him up.

"We're going back," Cameron said easily and I swear, if they could, Sebastian's eyeballs would've fallen out of his sockets from disbelief.

"We can't!" He cried then helplessly, and took a heavy sigh out, "We'll endanger everyone..."

"Feel the fear." Cameron told him, swinging his fist through the air in encouragement, "And do it anyway."

"He has a plan," I finally added, to put the two immortals at ease somewhat, "And he has the powers to make it happen."

"What powers?!" Sebastian asked, almost in a panic now at this revelation.

"Oh the usual," Cameron drawled out like it was nothing impressive, "The usual six. Oh, and one more."

He grinned as he said this, and we all waited for him to get out his remaining words.

I had never felt such suspense as I did just then. Honestly, I don't know why I did. I had experienced so many crazy things in the last seven months, what could Cameron possibly say now that would surprise or shock me.

Cameron could sense my feelings and thoughts and only grinned wider as he looked back at the four of us. A second later he exploded into light, and we all shut our eyes from the bright near blinding explosion.

When the burning light had evaporated we looked to see that Cameron was no longer there with us.

"Over here."

We turned our stare over to see that Cameron was in the far off distance of the room.

"Teleportation." He said to us, seeming almost proud in himself, "Though it's usually not so smokey..."

He coughed out a bit of the smoke from his teleported combustion, and looked at us all, a cheeky clever face on him.

"How did you get this power?" Sebastian urged to know and tried to run over to Cameron, but lack of gravity just made him look like he had flaring arms and legs – like a cartoon character of some sort.

"Oh, I'll tell you how," Cameron said, speeding past him and coming to the group circle again. Sebastian growled, flinging himself around and back to the group.

"What a story it is." He went on, and looked at us with a twinkle in his eyes, "But first, we have to turn this ship around."

"But he'll destroy our home!" Sebastian cried out.

"There's always a plan B." Cameron continued, and slowly lifted up small tubes of different coloured liquids from his pocket, "Always,"

"Always..." Jessica whispered and nodded at Cameron. She must have read his thoughts and heard his plan.

"Now, who wants to taste Plan B?" He asked, and I gulped, raising my hand as if to say without words that I'd go first.

He handed me a tube with swirling liquid of different vibrant colours. I didn't know what it would do to me, but I would be brave and find out.

I cranked the cap off and brought the tube to my lips, slight vapour coming off the cool liquid.

I swished it down and took a hard swallow.

My life would never be the same again... and I knew it.

My body began its change.