A/N: From a writing prompt we did in my college Student Writers Association where we had to write a piece based off the title of any book in the room.

The Maze Runner


Soon to be a major motion picture: my bad decisions.

Establishing shot: fade in on a puke covered bathroom floor. I am sprawled, a thrown handful of toothpicks, by the locked door, no memories.

TV static: blip into a first date backup plan. IHOP was too full so we went to Denny's, filled up on milkshakes to cry over a year and a half later.

Commercial break: a trailer for panic attacks, multiple in-class smoke breaks, getting locked out with cellphone still inside. Coming to a mirror near you.

Final scene: editor was fired so a bare cutting floor and a lifetime more of film to unravel before my eyes.

A/N: I was clearly in a good place when I wrote this, lmao.