WARING: THIS PRODUCT IS FOR COMMUNISTS ONLY (because only those full of Ree- could be stupid enough to buy this shit.)

(((~Ol Peepo Kindering~))))

Comrades, we of the forthcoming Fourth Reich's (vote Demon Rat via mail in voting this November, and we'll make sure we win!) Rebublic of Ree pride ourselves in total transparency and honesty, and that's why we need to inform you that it will be colder than an ice sculpture of Joe Biden's penis in our Utopia without heat or electricity.. But the Fatherland provides nutrients as a loving father would the juices of his own body to his son!

(((~Ol Peepo Kindering~)))

It's a revolutionary concept worthy of La Révolution, adopted straight from our Chinese brothers! Just as Führer Hitler (SIG HEIL!) blazed the way forward in the Camps, so to has China shown us the way by throwing old people in the oven before they are even DEAD! So, got any useless old people wasting time and needing constant care? "No problem!" says Joe Totally-Not-Old-Or-Dementia-Addled Demon Rat Fuckin' Biden:

(((~Ol Peepo Kindering~)))

What's that? Not legal, you say? We say: NEW WORLD ORDER!

(((~Ol Peepo Kindering~)))

It's the humane thing to do: pre-order yours, and let grandma warm and light up your life, TODAY!

(Currently only available in Demon Rat run states with nursing homes.)