The clouds grew heavy over the city. As the wind blew, ashen snow fell to the ground. The bleak landscape was broken as grays and bleached colors gave way to a vibrantly colored robot walking as the ash fell on it.

"I watch the city burn," Came out of it's speakers as it moved deeper into the ruined city. "These dreams like ashes float away, your voice I never heard."

Broken telescreens flickered as old recordings played on loop.

"The sun has been seen contracting and expanding at *static* the space agency can not explain it but *static*. It is recommended that everyone prepare bunkers if this does not stop in the next year."

The pristine robot looked from the screen to the bleached and ash covered skulls on the ground as the wind whipped up a mixed sand down narrow alleyways. The dark visor of it's face returned to the road it trod.

Thoughts of how this happened came to mind as the evidence of what was once life before the cataclysm. This looked like a normal civilization and rather high on the tech spectrum without being at a singularity, given what it saw in what was once stores or was it homes they had just added many like his kind but looked to be early stages of the robots being more than tools.

It had come across some functional bots but they had gone a bit...crazy would be the right word but it seemed more depressing. As they could do their tasks but not be given a response of gratitude, which seemed to be a hard coded thing to them like an alcoholic getting a free beer.

It swapped songs as it kept on walking down the road.

"We'll not fade out too soon, not in this finest hour." Words and sound came out of it's speakers. "Whistle your favorite tune, we'll send a card and flower saying."

Another screen plays a loop of frantic people shouting. "It's a mistake."