The sound of a shuttering door punctuated by the clicking of the latch into the lock jamb. Jelly legs nearly gave out from under him after his journey started long before the sun cracked the darkness of the night.

After waking from a near dreamless sleep he looked to his clock and wanted to roll over to the silence of the non-waking world. His mind prevented this and with a groan he got up and dressed. A backpack and jacket awaited the start of the next step of the routine. Checking the report would determine whether it was a bundle or just one layer type of day.

Fifteen minutes of cycle travel and a change to the uniform in the pack, the real fun starts. Five hours of lifting and moving items begin to wear him down. Hour one was the roughest as it was the setup and he could not know if something had been misplaced or used up before he got there. That was a pain to deal with.

Then hours two and three meant dealing with the heated items. Normally it would be fine, but one of the gloves was a size too small and it was not as well rated for this type of heat.

Fourth and fifth hours were the easiest as cleanup was much quicker and least taxing. Just breaking down empty boxes and waste to take out. A break followed this with a moment's reprieve from all the crazy of the past hours.

Only an hour reminded before he could leave, and that gave him a bit of pep. This would be the outdoor potion and it was less than fun. His back ached as he moved to change back to this morning's clothes.

Here he slumped as he fell to his knees, dull pains came from most of his body. Before he just fell face first to the ground.

"Damn my word being my promise." He spoke aloud to a room as silent as day outside.