As the former associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP, Tony Diab managed the litigation cases and resolved legal disputes on behalf of clients. He worked to develop agreements, negotiate the contracts, and advocate for clients in the court. He conducted a thorough research and assisted in gathering all the data and information that was relevant to the case.

He managed the client cases from start to finish and negotiated on behalf of clients and drafted and implemented contracts and legal documents. He made the best use of his knowledge to consult with clients to ascertain details and merits of each case. Besides, Tony represented clients at meetings, hearings, and trials. He always remained abreast of changes to legislation.

Being the former associate, Tony Diab considered it his responsibility to communicate with senior associates and clients to ensure cases are handled efficiently. He analyzed conflicts in legal matters, advised clients on solutions, and negotiated on behalf of clients.

Tony made the best use of his knowledge to successfully conclude the cases as required. He ensured that the data obtained during the interactions with clients remained confidential and stored securely.

Being the associate at the law firm, Tony advised clients in business transactions, claimed liability. He was responsible for completing the legal tasks for his firm. He provided legal advice to his clients and always respected confidentiality agreements. He had always been highly familiar with various research techniques to locate information relevant to cases in the areas of responsibilities.

Tony worked to gather evidence to initiate legal actions. He carried out the day-to-day legal work for the clients as directed by the partners. His works included research, drafting, providing advice, conducting meetings, and progressing matters.

About Tony Diab

Carrying out the day-to-day legal work for clients, Tony Diab has formerly been working as the associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP. He managed his own time and workload to progress matters and bill the required time. He provided support and assistance including performing legal research for a particular case.