Do you know those types of people that just hate the whole world? Never a thank you, a your welcome, or even a smile. They live their whole lives in perfect blissful hatred. I used to be one of them.

I would spend the whole day not saying a word to anyone unless I absolutely had to. Go home to my loft apartment on the 13th floor and spend my evening with a bottle of wine and homemade dinner. I would finish off the night watching the news on the television.

That all changed the night I met him. I was walking home from work and had stopped in the local grocery store. The cashier gave me a full smile and said hello. I laid my items on the belt and didn't look up from my wallet as she scanned them one by one and placed them in a bag. She read the total to which I paid with my debit card and left - without a reply to her "Thank you. Have a great night, sir."

That was when he and I collided walking out the door. His arm against mine caused me to drop my bag and break the wine within it.

"What is wrong with you?" I yelled at the man.

"You should pay more attention to where you are going!"

"I was looking. If I hadn't moved we would have hit each other even more. You need to pay more attention." he said calmly. "But since you're convinced it was my fault, let me buy you another bottle of wine."

"Don't bother. It was your fault, but I will just stop somewhere else. I don't need your charity."

"It's not charity, sir, if you think it was my fault to begin with."

"Fine. I'll let you buy it." I say as I show him the label of the original bottle.