Jay Sawyer from Northbrook always wears mask to protect himself from coronavirus. However, he is highly skeptical whether these masks actually save you from this deadly virus or not. After going through various studies, Jay has come up with a statement that cloth masks can help slow the spread of virus as they create a barrier between your mouth and nose and those around you.

The WHO has recommended medical masks for health care workers as well as for anyone who may have COVID-19. It is also necessary to wear masks for those who are at a higher risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19, especially those in their 60s and older.

Northbrook based Jay Sawyer reveals the fact that surgical masks are loose fitting disposable masks that are meant to protect the wearer from contact with droplets and sprays that may contain germs. Besides, it also helps to filter out large particles in the air when the person breathes in. He makes a point that one needs to wear a face mask in places where it is hard to stay 6 feet away from others.

Although face masks do not completely block the coronavirus, it is an added layer of protection for you as well as the people around you. You can protect yourself if you wear face mask along with regular hand washing and social distancing measures.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer's opinion in favor of masks is due to rising disease prevalence and a clearer understanding that both pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic transmissions are possible. He made a statement that "There is a lot of asymptomatic infection, so everybody has to wear a mask".

Regarding the use of N95 respirator in the workplace, Jay Sawyer from Northbrook states that healthcare providers need to be trained and pass a fit test to confirm a proper seal before using it.