As a renowned business leader, Jeffery David Whippo is a strong believer that if you learn how to manage one's emotions, you can be a successful leader. If you know how to recognize your emotions and learn to manage them, it is going to be one of the most important skills that you can have.

Jeffery is quoted as saying that your ability to understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, and overcome challenges is referred to as the Emotional Intelligence.

Managing your emotions demand you to be self-aware as you must know how you feel and should be aware of the fact that your emotions can affect people around you. Jeffery D Whippo very well explains that even though improving your emotional intelligence is absolutely possible, it requires the individual to be extremely serious about wanting to change, dedicated to the work that will have to be done and accept guidance during the process.

To be a successful leader, Jeffery explains how important it is to have a solid understanding of how your emotions and actions affect the people around you. All you need is to work on self-regulation, motivation, social skills, and empathy.

About Jeffery D Whippo

Jeffery David Whippo is a professional educator and developer of people, teams, and leaders. He is a well-educated professional who has attended California Coast University, Boston University, California State Polytechnic University, Community College of the Air Force, and Citrus College. He also worked as a Combat Intelligence Specialist for the USAF for almost 4 years.