"Zena, table three order up!" Came her boss's gruff voice as he slammed a plate of heppetail and carrots onto the counter.

"Got it!" She called out, hoisting the order into her free hand. The other hand was busy balancing a tray of cold grog for the sailors at table two. It was yet another busy shift in Sparrow's Tavern and she had already had Johnny toss out two drunkards who tried to get overly familiar with her backside. She was almost used to the harassment at this point because she had been working here going on a year now. Yep, this was the depressing anniversary of her parent's death.

The thought hung heavy over top of her as she made her way over to table two and met with a round of cheers as she topped their drinks off then without wasting another second she went to table three and locked eyes with the last person she expected to be there. Her eyes narrowed and she might have set down the plate of hepptail with a little more force than necessary.

"Nellie Lovegrove, aren't you supposed to be in class?" Zena demanded with her hands on her hips in the best imitation of their dead mother she could manage.

Zena really didn't have time to lecture her little sister since she had a tavern filled with the usual patrons.

"Well you see I thought that you might now want to be alone considering the date." Nellie felt the lost of her parents as much as Zena did.

All of the sudden Zena looked up to see new people whom she never seen before. They must be travelers she thought as two guys took a seat at a table.

"I have to go but we will discuss this later." Zena gave her a glare, put the orders down than she walked over to the table where the two new guys were.

"Welcome to our village and to Sparrow Tavern, what can I get you both to eat or drink?" She asked with a smile.

The oldest looking one with the dark brown hair, Vash spoke up "We will take ale and whatever food you recommend." He gave her a smile.

The other guy whom he had blonde hair, Drace rolled his eyes at his friend for trying to flirt "Thank you." He told her.

Zena walked away with the orders.

Vash turned to his friend Drace with a serious look on his face "This village is in danger."

Before Drace could ask what he meant Zena had returned with their orders.

She walked away and Drace curious "You don't think he would try to attack here do you?"

Vash took a sip of his ale "He's ruthless and he will destroy every known village just for profit."

Drace sighed "Well don't you think we should warn them?"

"I was just going to wait until there was a sighting of his fleet near this island. I don't want them to know that we are you know..." He whispered the last part.

"Point taken." Drace wondered if there was anything they could do against that fleet.

"You're right, why would they believe of two random guys who just showed up in town." Drace sighed as he scouted out around the tavern. The usual dregs of society littered the place and once again Drace reflected on how different the company he kept now was. His father would have a heart attack if he could see him now.

Vash winced and put a hand to his head. "Yes, I know..." he muttered.

"Are you okay?" Drace asked.

"It's Zera. She's telling me that we have to try to help them," Vash said. Drace nodded. He didn't really understand it himself, but somehow the goddess was tied with Vash. It's how he managed to save Drace's father's port when they first met. Of course he had thought Vash was nuts then. To Drace Zera, the goddess of light, was just an old bedtime story and nothing more, but then Hector's men had attacked…

"We will help them," Drace reassured his captain. "We just have to wait for the right opportunity."

Meanwhile, unknown to them, across the room, Nellie eyed the two newcomers with interest.

'Could they be...pirates? Real pirates?'

Nellie wanted to go speak with them but the opportunity was missed when someone came into the tavern yelling "Pirates."

Drace turned to Vash for the goddess seemed to be on point again, like she knew the future.

"Now what?" Drace asked.

"We have to go out there and stop them before everyone is lost." Vash got up and Drace followed. Nellie wanted to know what was going on she followed them out the door without telling her sister.

Zena felt her heart race and glanced around to see her sister gone "Nellie."

She ran out of the tavern and outside in the far distance you could hear yelling and fighting.

"Nellie!" She ran in search of her sister.

Vash and Drace had made it to the edge of the village to see whom was attacking when they spotted the girl.

"You shouldn't be here." Drace told her.

"I was just wondering what was going on." She held her ground.

"Look it's really not safe. Please go back..." He didn't know her name.

"My name is Nellie and the girl at the tavern who served you was my sister Zena."

"Pleasure my name is Drace and this is Vash." He pointed at his friend.

Vash interrupted "If you are done with the introductions you need to leave Nellie all of you are in danger." He pulled out his gun and took off.

All of the sudden Zena appeared and she pulled her sister close "Pirates."

Drace could tell that she was shaken by the discovery "Yes but it's not what you think."

He too had his gun ready and before any more conversation was made the enemy drew closer.

Shots were than heard as chaos spread through the village.