"Vash, I'm sorry."

"Constance, its not your fault. Xilena was controlling you and I was just glad we could break her hold on you," Vash answered and squeezed his sister's hand. Constance laid in the captain's quarter and since Xilena's control of her had broken she seemed weak and wasted away. It was the effect of the Night Goddess feeding on her life force.

"You must save father..." She urged. Vash wanted to but he knew Xilena would be desperate because their father was her last tie to the physical world and she just might take him with her.

"I will try as best I can to save him, I promise."

At that same moment there was an urgent knock at his door. Vash got up to answer it and found Drace on the other side.

"Captain, the castle is in sight, it's time," he said. Vash nodded.

"I'm on my way," he spared one last glance in Constance's direction, "Get some rest. It'll be over soon."

With that said, he left his sister to rest and headed to the deck. Nellie and Zena were already there with their weapons in hand. Sure enough his father's castle loomed dark and menacing on the edge of the water. A perpetual cloud of night surrounding it.

Zena put her hand in Vash's and squeezed it trying to calm not only her feeling of fear but to calm him down as well.

"So do we have a plan?" She asked which Vash squeezed hers in return silenting thanking her for the support.

"We will have to sneak in find a not so public area to dock the ship." Vash told her.

Drace and Nellie had been on look out for a private area and suddenly Nellie got excited "There is an area Vash."

"I think this would give us some element of surprise." Drace told his friend.

"Good because we really need luck on our side if they hadn't spotted our ship already." Vash told Drace to guide the ship to that area.

At the same time Hector had been notified that there was a ship that had approached the island.

"Excellent now both of my children are home. Make sure you bring them to me." He ordered.

The shipmate saluted and left the room which Xilena smirked for the brats won't force her way from this world. She had a plan in place after all.

The Golden Maiden docked and Vash jumped off first followed by the others.

"Be on your guard." Vash told them.

They all had their weapons ready and Vash all of the sudden heard his sister's voice "Wait you guys don't know this island."

Vash turned back to see his sister standing there "You should be resting."

"You need my help in navigating this island brother it's not how you left it. Its changed." She glared at him and he sighed.

"Fine but stay by me." He ordered which she just smirked a little.

"Alright let's go." She walked up beside him which Vash knew that his sister was too stubborn to stay behind.

True to her word, Constance lead them through a secret path into the castle. Vash had to admit that without her they would have never made it before someone had spotted them. Although it seemed strange that they hadn't run into any guards.

"This isn't right, we should have at least run into someone by now," Zena said, voicing his thoughts out loud.

"It isn't impossible that they already know we're here," Drace answered.

"...and that means that we are probably walking into a trap." Nellie finished for him. Drace nodded, you could tell he was proud of Nellie for being so observant.

"Be cautious going in. Everyone ready?" Vash asked as they stood outside the throne room. Everyone nodded and then Vash opened the door. It creaked loudly as it opened.

"So my traitorous children have finally returned!" Hector exclaimed as they came face to face. About a dozen guards stood with weapons ready to greet them. Xilena smirked from her spot behind Hector's shoulder.

"So Xilena you are still here I will vanquish you." Vash threatened with a smile on his face.

"You are in no position to threaten me boy." She knew she had the upper hand.

"I think you underestimated my crew and my sister. We will send you from this world." He turned to his crew and sister for they all stood ready to fight.

"Attack!" He ordered and soon fights broke out in the throne room.

Hector's crew were easily overcome for most never seen battle and had weakened skills. It wasn't long until Hector stood before them with sword in hand.

"My children if you surrender now I will forget all of this and you will be able to rule alongside me again." He smiled.

"No your tyranny ends here father. I will not allow my brother or I to ever be pawns again." Constance turned to Xilena.

"Xilena you will be vanquished for this my promise to you. You used me and I will never forgive you for that. I believe my brother here is the key to that goal."

Xilena laughed "What can your brother do? My sister is gone."

Vash wondered if maybe Zera's power lingered inside of him or maybe both Zena and him since Zena had pulled Zera out of him while fighting his sister.

"Zena take my hand I think I know what we both have to do." He gave her a look which she thought he was crazy.

"Alright but I don't know if your idea will work."

"This might be the only way to save my father. Nellie, Drace protect us if our father makes a move." Vash ordered.

Drace and Nellie nodded and took positions which Hector laughed.

Vash gave Zena a smile "Trust me."

Both Vash and Zena began to concentrate and soon a bright light engulfed the whole area. They both felt Zera's presence fill the room. Hector staggered and dropped his sword as the light touched him and Xilena cried out in pain.

"Damn you sister! Stupid humans, this isn't the end, I will be back!" She yelled even as the light finally tore her away from the Earth. Hector collapsed and Constance caught him right before he hit the stone ground.

"Father...thank god," she said, holding him close. Vash looked to Zena and smiled. They had done it.

"Wow, so your crazy plan actually worked," Zena said. Vash just laughed.

"Constance, will you stay here and rebuild the kingdom? I'm going to stay with my crew and sail the sea. I'm quite fond of being a pirate," Vash told his sister. Constance smirked at him and nodded.

"Fine, but you have to come visit every now and then. It will be lonely without you." She told him.

Once they all said goodbye and boarded the Golden Maiden again. Zena nudged Nellie. Didn't you have something to confess?" She asked her sister.

"Drace is at the helm, if you're looking for him," Vash added. Nellie turned a little red.

"Really? You're both in on it now!?"

"Well, we want that double date we talked about," Zena told her. Nellie sighed but looked determined as she stalked off towards Drace.

When she was gone, Vash pulled Zena close.

"Thank you for trusting me," he said. "I love you."

Zena kissed him and he kissed her back. "I love you too, and you're my Captain so I'll always trust you and follow you until the end."