"Technolocity & The Void League in… So Close, Yet So Far"

Chapter 1

Created by The Spectacular SpiderDom

~Technolocity's P.O.V.

Have you ever seen the movie, Zombieland?

Do you remember those scenes where Jesse Eisenberg's character explained the rules of surviving in the zombie apocalypse?

He said some things like "Don't be a hero", "Travel Light", "Get a kick-ass partner" and the most famous one: "Double Tap".

Well, just like living out in a zombie outbreak, there are certain rules about being an excerpt supervillain and those rules really do come in handy. Most supervillains get their knowledge by reading comic books or watching superhero movies, but I prefer to make my own rules, why? I happen to be a very creative person, I used to teach art at a school once, and I decided to use my imagination to create my own set of supervillain rules.

Rule Number One, Always Have A Backup Plan: Whether you're making a giant robot, planning a team-up with some of your buddies, or setting a trap for your enemies, it's always important to think of a backup plan in case something goes wrong. For example, your enemies might see through your plan or maybe you'll capture half of your enemies, or maybe a certain high school principal will walk over to a machine you've been building for hours and start messing it up!

Rule Number Two, Choose Your Allies Wisely: Team-ups are a common thing in supervillain history. Some of them are good and others are bad, it all depends on the type of chemistry they have with each other. The Void League and I happen to admire Ketchup King & Mustard Queen for their determination, dedication, and diligence. They also have no desire to drag civilians into their battles, which is just icing on the cake. Villains like Nagini the Viper, on the other hand, are stone-cold psychos that don't care who they hurt. As long as things go their way, they're good. I prefer not to work with people like that… but I've sadly made that mistake a few times in my life.

Rule Number Three… Don't Lose Control: This is the biggest one for me. I consider myself a very down-to-earth person, I'm aware I make a lot of silly jokes and wisecracks about penguins and other things, but the one thing I try to avoid is getting too angry. I mean, it's one thing for me to get frustrated at The Void League for failing or when Night Shadow and The Seattle Strikers kick my butt, but I don't allow myself to get too aggravated. That allows me to do things I will instantly regret, and it makes whatever situation I'm in a whole lot worse.

And sadly… all three of the rules were broken tonight.

For those unaware, The Void League and I were relaxing one day when we suddenly receive an anonymous letter from someone who wants us to meet them in a warehouse in Vancouver. At first, I thought this was a joke letter, but after I scanned it with my helmet, I confirmed it was legit. So, all of us packed our weapons and flew over the Canadian border.

Once we got inside the warehouse, we're shocked to see Ketchup King, Mustard Queen, and Nagini the Viper in the same room. Of course, my former scaly friend was quick to attack me, but Raven and Mojo knocked her back. I assumed she sent this letter because she wanted to fight me.

Who can blame her? I yelled at her for her invasion a while back, it makes sense for her to be annoyed.

But before I could shoot her with a laser blast, there was an evil cackle that echoed across the room. Chills were sent down my spine at first, but all the tension was gone once the man started coughing.

Oh, yeah, that's another rule: always have a maniacal laugh, it'll make you seem more professional.

Anyways, a few mercenaries called the Money Dawgs stepped out of the shadows and they carried their ringleader towards the table. The man in charge was none other than Appleseed Johnny, the former principal of Treedome High School in Paris, France. I recognized this guy from the whole high school reunion murder fiasco and I immediately ordered The Void League to attack him.

But before they could make a move, he told us he had a proposition.

If there's one thing I had in common with everyone in the room, it's that we hated The Seattle Strikers: Night Shadow, Monsoon Gal, Frosty Beetle, and Pyro Lad, and Appleseed was no exception. While that snow-headed bug wasn't present during the high school reunion, Appleseed hated her as much as he did the trio that thwarted his plans.

So, this leads to him talking about a plan.

The plan was actually simple yet complex at the same time, he would send the other villains and me to distract the superheroes while the Money Dawgs would gather the equipment needed to construct Appleseed's new body; he wanted to be just as powerful as the rest of us. At first, I was very interested in the plan when he listed his materials.

A robotic exoskeleton. Cool!

Multiple pieces of nanotechnology. Nanotech is my thing but whatever.

Groceries. Okay, not sure what that's all about.

And finally, a bunny suit.

Jesus, why is it so hard to find a villain, other than Nagini, that isn't stupid?

Getting back on topic, all of us were on board with the plan, but the one thing we wanted to know was what we were going to get in return. Thankfully, Appleseed knew what we wanted.

For Marlon and Clementine, it was selling artifacts from the Robotic Design Museum to make cash for their new restaurant.

For Nagini, it was to see her adoptive bionic daughter, Gabriella Streeter (I've met her by the way, she's really sweet. She makes really good cookies too; they're shaped like hearts and they're so cute! Ah, I just wanna eat them up again, they were so… heh heh, sorry. Lost my train of thought there.)

And of course, for The Void League and I, it was to see the end of The Elemental Demons and send them to another dimension. With the nanotechnology stolen from the museum, I could reconstruct the portal Bertram, Edwin, and I made for Project: Eiffel and send the demons to a place where they can't possess anyone.

I would make sure the portal works properly this time, of course.

A few weeks went by and the plan was going smoothly, the villains and I distracted The Seattle Strikers while Appleseed's gang did their job, it was simple. We all met back at my lair to construct the portal and celebrate our victory; it gave me hope that we would actually win. For years, I've wanted nothing more than to get rid of superpowers and tonight felt like my dream was coming true.

And do you want to know the best part? I actually captured not one, not two, but five superheroes at the same time! How awesome is that!? Five superheroes, that beats my record of… zero captured superheroes!

The only ones that escaped were Night Shadow and Valentine and while they were off doing their own thing, my team and I were constructing the new portal. Everything was going smoothly until everyone started acting weird.

And by weird, I mean really weird.

Marlon and Clementine were treating each other nicely.

Raven started dancing with Melody.

Mojo was hugging Tender Soul (I'm shocked she didn't shoot herself after that).

And finally, Nagini was flirting with me!

Let me repeat that: Nagini the Viper, the same Nagini the Viper that poisoned our water supply, got Night Shadow infected by biting his neck, and nearly destroyed the city of Seattle, was flirting with yours truly. I swear, whatever was going on was totally whack!

Thankfully, everyone came to their senses and realized this was all a trick by The Dope Squad's leader, Valentine, who could toy with peoples' emotions. I would make a joke about how women do that most of the time, but let's not be sexist here. While she was messing with us, Night Shadow freed the rest of his friends and all of us engaged in an awesome final battle!

It was pretty cool: lasers were flying, punches were thrown, elemental powers were being used, there was the occasional emotional moment, it had everything you'd see in a superhero battle! The battle was slowly turning in favor of the villains until…

…one mistake cost us everything.

Remember how I said you should choose your allies wisely? Well, obviously, I wasn't wise to choose Appleseed, who now goes by… Iron Bunny, was it? Hold on.

Oh, okay, it was Titanium Rabbit, sorry about that.

Anyways, in the heat of battle, he gets mad that Monsoon Gal's kicking his ass and he runs over to the generator that activates the portal. Lashing out about how his revenge will come, he starts messing with the controls to the point where he overloaded the circuits.

Night Shadow and I shouted, trying to stop him, but the dude wouldn't listen! He just kept typing and typing until finally,


The entire portal exploded!

From that point, I thought it was all over. Not only was my plan failing, but I thought my team and I would die along with it, but shockingly, we didn't. I woke up a few minutes later to find out that my entire lair was ON FIRE! HOLY SHIT!

Everything from everyone's rooms, the training room, the several dojos, my office, my whole penguin collection, everything was on fire and I was beyond pissed! And as if a huge chunk of salt was poured on my wounds, I look over and I see Night Shadow swinging by looking for his friends. I clenched my fists with anger and howled like an angry wolf at night.

My hands were sweating.

My heart was pounding.

My head was shaking.

And the veins in my eyes were slowly popping.

I was so angry to the point where… I broke all three of my rules.

I didn't have a backup plan; I was so overconfident in my plan that I didn't think of one.

I didn't choose my allies wisely; Nagini, the Grimes, and The Void League cooperated with each other but all because of Titanium Rabbit, the plan failed. If I had thought of this plan and not him, it would have worked out in my favor and the Elemental Demons would've been gone by now.

And lastly, I got angry.

I knew my teammates were somewhere in the fire and the heroes were kind enough to go around and rescue them. All seven of them worked together to bash holes through the walls, put out the fires, and get everyone to safety, all while I was harassing them with a cold-blooded vengeance. It didn't take them long to evacuate everyone and come after Night Shadow, who I just tackled and started beating to a bloody pulp, which I didn't understand why.

Night Shadow and I may be sworn enemies, yes, but there have been times where we've been friendly to each other.

We went camping together, even though that was all a set-up by me.

We stopped Appleseed from killing a bunch of kids together.

And there have been times where he's tried to steer me on the right path, but I told him that I speak from experience when I say that the longer he and his friends keep the Elemental Demons around, the more damage it'll do to our world. Of course, it was the thought of him speaking out to me that meant more than you think.

I was about to go into battle with the superheroes, when suddenly,




A pile of debris fell right on top of me.

My suit prevented me from serious injuries, but I was too exhausted to get back up.

From that point on, I assumed the heroes would leave me behind to die in the fire. I wouldn't blame them for doing so, I was selfish for not saving my teammates-no, my friends and I was reckless enough to believe recreating the dimensional portal that nearly destroyed Paris was a good idea.

I can be a real dullard sometimes.

But to my surprise, I woke up outside the building and I was trapped inside a large police car. Turning to the window, I saw that Monsoon Gal and a bunch of firefighters extinguished the fire entirely with a flood of water and the entire Void League was with me too.

All of us were alive, we couldn't believe our enemies risked their lives to save us all.

Now, I know what all of you are thinking next, What happens now?

Well, I mentioned before that I was stuck in the back of a police truck, but I forgot to mention that I had large shackles over my hands, the same goes for everyone else. Atticus Moonstone (Night Shadow's father) and his wife, Darla Prescott nodded to a few cops before they hopped inside the car and drove down the street faster than the speed of light.

And by that, I think you can all infer where I'm going next.

Will I effortlessly break out like I did last time? Maybe.

But one thing's for certain… I was so close to achieving my goal and now… I am so far.