She stepped into the palace, her blue robes snapping against the wind as she strode into the palace. Summed on a Holiday! Her nostrils flared. Her heels clicked against the marble floor as nobles and servants alike kneeled in her presence. There better be a very good reason for this. She thought. The palace was exactly like how she remembered it being a few hundred years ago, back when she was just beginning her journey as a summoner. Flags of the countries conquered hung, swiveling against the palace walls. Scurrying maids and butlers froze as she passed them, bending a knee before returning to their work. Nobles, however, stayed frozen. Their eyes followed her as she neared the king's chamber. She spun, glaring at the nearest nobleman.

"Open the doors." She said. "Now."

"Ye… Yes lady summoner." He bowed, stood and ran to open the door.

I love making nobles squirm. She thought, smirking. The noble stood frozen in the doorway. His hands were shaking. The summoner stepped, shoving him out of the way. A thud echoed through the halls as he hit the floor. The summoner simply stepped into the chamber, glaring at the king sitting on his throne.

Now, she thought, eyes scanning the room, this had changed. The king stood in her presence, and gave a short bow from his dais. Back when she was just a child, everything had been so much smaller. The throne had sat on the ground, and was surrounded by smaller but no less ornate chairs for the council of the king. Now, the throne of the king sat above all other men and women. A large platform and stairs took up most of the room, the council was scattered upon different levels of the steps. Their bodies froze as their eyes met hers.

"Sit." The summoner said, flicking her wrist. Everyone's bodies dropped to the ground. The king, gritting his teeth, stood, knees shaking.

"Lady Summoner." He said, taking a step forward. "Wel-"

"Silence." She said, pulling her hood over her head. The pressure over the council began to recede, and slowly they began to stand. "Everyone but the king, leave."

The summoner stepped out of the doorway as a flux of noblemen and noblewomen stormed from their spots on the steps, and scurried from the room. The summoner glared at the door way, as the one who had opened the door rolled out of the way. She smirked, shut the doors, and stepped forward.

The king fell back against his throne, his hair falling against his face as he tried to meet the summoners glare. His breath slowed as he clung to his seat. The summoner watched as his auror splintered, raged, colors stretching from his body as her presence filled the room. Cracks etched against the steps, as she marched up the steps. The king's eyes widened, his teeth grinding against each other. Clenching her fist shut, her presence faded. A tear slipped down the king's cheek as his aura steadied into a solid bluish green.

"Why young king, have you called me on a holy day?"

"I apologize." He said, slipping out of his throne and onto his knees. "My advisors had warned me to wait another day, but… But, I could not wait another day while my people suffered."

"Suffer?" Her head cocked, eyes fading into the whites of her sclera. The king watched the summoner's body shake as all sense of her presence left. Her purple eyes returned, her presence thundered as his bones shook, and then a sense of stability returned. "You." She pointed. "Are at war with the dead."

"It was… It was an accident summoner. We were excavating a site to build a memorial. We had no idea the land was cursed. No idea that the dead would rise."

The summoner rolled her eyes. "It's always an accident with you mortals. Never taking responsibility for your crimes."

"Please. We need the aid of the summoners to end this curse!" His eyes met hers. "It was my order that led to this. I will give up my title and riches if it means protecting the people."

"We have been cleaning up your people's messes for centuries so your empire could expand." The summoner flicked her wrist, air began to press against the king's neck, forcing his head to hang low. How dare a mortal meet my gaze. "Give me one reason we should help your kingdom?"

"Because…" The air swelled around the king neck, ebbing away from his mouth. "My grandmother wrote about you."

The summoner's eyes began to widen, her chest tightening as she thought of that young girl she had once known. A face painted in an effervescent and unending smile. Moving her fingers in a quick motion, she began to release the air. The king's head popped up as he gasped for breath.

"Shiela?" The summoner gripped her forehead as faded memories forced their way into her head. Pain etched its way against her temples. "What is this name."

"My grandmother spoke of you. The adventures you shared, the romance. She always hoped that if something bad was to befall the kingdom, you would come to it's aid."

Memories are a weakness for mortals. We have no need for nostalgia. The head summoner's voice flooded into her mind. No matter what happens, I'll always remember you. Sheila's voice, muffled, echoed. The summoner dropped to her knees.

"Lady Summoner!" The king jumped up, arm outstretched. "My grandmother told me of what they did during your training. The pain you suffered, but she truly hoped that Kyra was still within."

A violent wave of energy flooded through the room. The king slammed against his throne, blood running down the back of his head. The summoner's body rolled down the steps, head colluding against the marble. The king's eyes etched open to a blurred world. Wisps of fire hovered around the summoner, a crackle of giggles danced around her, and suddenly, her body shot up. The white of her eyes turned crimson as she glared up at the king.

"This one is as weak as ever." The wisps hovered around her arms, which soon patted down her cloak. "King." The summoner's voice mixed with another, much deeper voice. "The high summoner has heard your request. I decline to provide aid."

"But why!" The king screamed. "The summoners were formed to protect this kingdom."

"Yes, we were. But too much death has been caused by you and your bloodline. The summoners no longer serve you."

"We will all die."

"Then die." The wisps disappeared. The crimson in the summoner's eyes faded as her violet eyes irises returned.

"We are doomed." The king sighed.

"No." The summoner's voice, now faded, echoed within the chambers. "There is a way."

Glancing at the king, he had her eyes. Sky blue, and so calm. Kyra's arms trembled as she dropped to all fours. Her knees scraping against the cold flood. There was a way to save the kingdom, but to do so would be to go against the decree of the high summoner. To go against the very prophecies the summoners had breathed into existence. The kingdom was meant to fall. To be covered in ruble for all the crimes it had committed. Yet, as Kyra glanced up at the king, she saw her love once more within his eyes, within his smile. She saw another path, a path pierced with pain. A path where a glimmer of hope shone through the despair the summoners had prepared for.

"A way. Lady Summoner please tell me." The king stood, tears glimmering in the backdrop of his eyes.

"Pain." Kyra said as she collapsed. The sound of the king's footsteps echoing somewhere.

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