Holding extensive case-related research into relevant laws and regulations, Tony Diab has formerly worked as associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP. He managed the litigation cases and resolves legal disputes on behalf of clients. Apart from this, he developed agreements, negotiated contacts, settled claims and advocated for clients in court.

Tony advised clients in business transactions and claimed liability. He had always been highly familiar with various research techniques to locate information relevant to cases in the areas of responsibilities. He provided legal advice to his clients and respected confidentiality agreements.

Formerly working as the associate, Tony Diab managed his own time and workload to progress matters and bill the required time. He provided support and assistance including performing legal research for a particular case.

He made the best use of his knowledge to successfully conclude the cases as required. He ensured that the data obtained during the interactions with clients remained confidential and stored securely. He worked to manage the client cases right from start to finish. Additionally, he has the ability to work under pressure and has excellent communication skills.

About Tony Diab

Being the former associate, Tony Diab was responsible for keeping all stakeholders and kept abreast of the progress of a case by creating reports and communicating verbally. He has been an excellent communicator with strong interpersonal skills. He has strong analytical abilities and an extensive knowledge in his field. Being highly dedicated and honest, Tony takes initiative in his work. Besides, he has the ability to work independently and collaborate with others.