All of Infinity

Circles of time.

Intertwined. Everlasting.

In constant movement, they play out Man's destiny.

We never see them, but they are there.

Circles of time.

They go around and around.

There is no beginning.

There is no end.

But we all meet in the middle.

Circles of time.

Keep us bonded together as one.

What part we have to play in each other's lives, we don't know.

Uncertainty is the only truth.

Circles of time.

Endless space, where there is room to move. To be. To do.

A void? A Nothing?


We can go on forever, wanting to exist.

Circles of time.

Keep us going back and forth, destiny's plaything.

Ever oblivious to the never ending of shape and form.

Searching for the meaning of its color.


Circles of time.

Man seeks their way.

Can they find their path through the light?

Through the darkness?

Shadows of gray keep them trapped.

Circles of time.

Each day is never ending.

Man tries to find a way to make it through.

They become weary, and they try to find hope.

Circles of time.

Where everything stops. Everything starts.

Day in, day out, Man has a chance.

What we can't see, we must make the most of.

Circles of time.

Time goes by, life changes….. and so it goes.

Beginnings. Endings. Eternity.

Ida M. Nieves

April 22, 2021