Nderu Clan Residence, Dining Table, 12:00 Noon

The C-Rings rang, getting everyone's attention.

"And how are you today, Grand Priestess?" The head of the table greeted, as soon as she appeared on the holographic projection. It had been about 3 years since Imara Gimura and Ronmaru Jotomatu had returned from the Master Challenge; to say that Imara had grown into her role as the Grand Priestess perfectly would have been an understatement.

"I'm just fine, Lugo. It's just one of those days, that's all…" Imara said, right as the youngest of the current Nderu scions reach over the table and grabbed their respective side of the holographic Grand Priestess's face. Imara, Lugo and the others present all blinked in surprise when her hologram was affected as if they had made physical contact with her. "Umm… And a wonderful high sun to you too, Zume and Auri." Imara clearly didn't quite know what to make of this instance; Zume and Auri's usual greeting wasn't what she was perturbed and confused by.

Zume and Auri both laughed in an amused cadence. "Clearly, Choto and Deka have been helping you two practice your Spectral Telekinesis." Imara continued, as Zume and Auri nodded. The two named members of the clan also nodded. "We have. And their abilities are right impressive, aren't they?" Choto asked. "They are. And they'll be useful for the mission in Ireland." Zume and Auri gasped in excitement.

However, Imara knew what they were thinking before they thought it. "No, you are not hunting leprechauns." She said. "Aww…" Zume moaned out dejectedly. "We never actually found one of those, but you think if we did they'd give us their Lucky Charms?" Auri signed. Lugo, Deka and Choto looked at each other, before looking to the holographic Imara. "If you find one, make sure you save some Lucky Charms for me." She responded aloud.

Deka considered asking her when and how she learned sign language, before Imara turned back to the speech capable members of the clan. "And make sure you three look in on Zume and Auri from time to time. Sol and the others are…" Zume and Auri resumed pinching the holographic Imara's cheeks again. Once again, she physically felt it as they did, and they laughed as she paused for a second.

"Sol and the others are definitely going to need guidance in order to keep their patience." Imara finished as Zume and Auri continued playing with her face. Lugo blinked, as he realized something major. "Zume and Auri are leading the Gimura Force for this?" He asked, to which Imara nodded. "They sure are. Make sure the rest of them know that it's these two in charge, even if you're relaying orders in their stead." Imara continued. Lugo and Choto were about to say something else, when Imara ended the C-Ring chat and left only the missive from the Empress.

"Well, okay then." Lugo conceded. Before opening the missive. The slack-jawed, floaty-eyed stare of Zume and Auri were unsettling to most, and the fact that they could not speak normally on top of this made many believe they were mentally handicapped. However, their clan and Imara knew the truth. More importantly, they themselves knew the truth even if others refused to believe.

"So, Imara wants us to collect the Velos Shards before some Demon Clan member can get ahold of it." Auri's voice sounded in everyone's head without her having to see the missive at all. Lugo blinked. "But… I haven't even read…" Lugo said, before realizing what Auri must have done.

"Imara probably wanted us to read the missive. I have no idea why you probed into her mind like that." Zume's projected. "Wait a minute. You weren't reading her mind? Then why were you squishing Imara's cheeks?" Auri responded, to which Zume just shrugs. "I just really wanted to touch Imara's face, that's all. She sent the missive for a reason, you know." Zume admitted.

Deka blinked at hearing the mental conversation between the otherwise mute members of her clan. "So, what exactly is the plan here?" She said, moving on from what Zume just admitted mentally. Zume and Auri joined Lugo in reading the missive.

" Ah, I see why we need to have the Gimura Force with us. Jose De Sangra is likely not coming alone. I'm hoping three years of training has made Sol and the others more competent at Spectral Energy use." Zume projected. Auri's eyes focused. "You don't expect them to actually take on Jose De Sangra on their own, do you?" She responded. "Of course not. We just need them to hold off the platoon of chushin that Jose would likely have with him." Zume said.

"Hmm… I'm sure that's not all of the plan, but it sounds like you've got something worked out." Lugo said aloud. Zume and Auri's eyes became unfocused again, a sign in them that they were no longer engaged in the conversation. Lugo blinked, as the realization set in. "So you're not gonna tell us any more?" Lugo asked.

Neither Zume nor Auri so much as weaved a hand sign or even focused their eyes as they stood up and walked away from the table.