A Few Hours Later, Sanctorum Medium Room

Zume and Auri's slack-jawed, floaty eyed stares had fully and firmly returned; gone where the powerful, nigh-godlike beings who used Stage 2 of Universal Chi Mode and in their places returned the manchildren they normally were.

"-And that's what I think is going to happen." Imara finished explaining. Azuro heard only the major points as it concerned the threat that was just released; he knew that Diego would be important to bringing Velos down, and that he is virtually immune to anything short of an Earthbound Immortal or greater.

That second part was why he kept constantly shifting his attention back to the mute siblings, and especially Auri. "I heard you both talk… I saw you both display power on power with that of Lugo and Deka… And to get a Hayflick Dragon to submit completely as it has…" Azuro's eyes were trained firmly on Auri. "Mom addresses you both on the same level as she'd address your older counterparts… What is truly going on in your minds?" Azuro pondered.

"- What do you think, Azuro?" Empress Malkia asked, jarring Azuro away from his train of thought and causing him to take his eyes off the normally-mute siblings. "I'm not sure what to think, until I'm able to find out just what these two truly know." Azuro said; he just happened to give a response that was sequitur to the conversation that he for the most part wasn't truly listening to. He turned his attention back to Auri. "The question is how I'm going to get them to talk to me…" He wondered aloud.

As though to answer his question, Auri began to play with the Crown Prince's face. Azuro blinked when her hands squished his cheeks. "...I… Why do you do these things?" He asked, unsure of how exactly to feel as Auri continued to play with his face. He comprehended what happened next even less.

"We all move and work in our own ways, Prince. Simply continue to seek answers if you wish to truly understand." The voice that sounded in Azuro's head was similar to the voice he heard when Auri spoke aloud in Universal Chi Mode. In fact, he was almost certain it had to be Auri's voice he was hearing. Yet, the voice of this veritable goddess was just too much of a contrast to the floaty-eyed woman playing with his face. Azuro stared at Auri as she continued to play with his face, laughing her baby-like laugh.

"This… This is… I don't…" Azuro couldn't find the words, and at this Ron shrugged. "Trust me, your highness, it was a shock for me too when I found out. But just listen to any and everything these two relay to you. You'll never be steered wrong." Ron explained. Imara couldn't help but think back to the 2013 Master Challenge, and how it was just so easy to forget how powerful and wise these two truly were. Even with all evidence in front of her, she could understand how certain egos could be resistant to the idea that Zume or Auri could teach them anything,

Hence why she didn't hold it against Azuro that he still clung to a bit of his denial. "If this is true, then I seek all the knowledge that you two are willing to divulge. If you truly are the 'Sages of Silence' that Mom and those who participate in the Master Challenge speak of, then you two will have no problem sharing with your Prince all that you know." Empress Malkia raised her eyebrow at this, for she herself did not receive even that privilege. Neither Zume nor Auri's expressions changed, even as Auri continued to play with Azuro's face.

"You know what?" Azuro said aloud, a crazy idea coming to his mind. He gently moved Auri's hands away from his face. When he did, he promptly reversed the situation and played with Auri's face the exact same way that the mute siblings normally would. Upon Auri's face being grabbed, she smiled like a baby who was just promised their favorite toy or flavor of ice cream as Azuro held her face.

Imara and Ron laughed, though mostly at a certain memory during the Master Challenge, when another Prince came to this exact same conclusion as it concerned Zume and Auri. "Well, that's one way to persuade my younger siblings…" Lugo said aloud, voicing exactly what Choto and Deka thought. "Wow, I didn't know Auri could have those kinds of thoughts." Koroa said, seeing the very excited look in Auri's now-focused eyes. She didn't see that Zume's namesakes were also now focused and clearly happy that Azuro was playing back. Empress Malkia simply observed that her son was perhaps finally understanding, at least a little bit.

"Is… Is this what's supposed to happen?" Azuro asked aloud. "If you believe this is the natural response, then it is so." This time, a voice that sounded quite similar to the voice Zume spoke aloud with in Universal Chi Mode was projected in Azuro's head. He knew this voice did not belong to Ron, Lugo or Choto, so there was only one possible person who could have spoke.

"If you truly seek knowledge, just visit our clan's residence tomorrow afternoon. You and Choto will be fun to teach." Auri's voice sounded in Azuro's head this time. Her child-like expression did not change in any way whatsoever.