I always come back to this crumpled up, torn bit of paper. Always writing, never ceasing - pouring my heart out on pages that are stained crimson from the blood dripping from fingertips.

Above all things, could you love me as deeply and passionately as I have always loved you? Do you feel that way for me?

Tears drip, drip, drip, leaving watermarks on the paper. What a sad, pathetic bit of paper - to be mistreated so much, so destroyed in only being the mere blank page of my feelings for you.

Why did your mood change so suddenly? Why did you ignore me that day?

You must know I care by now. How could you not? Isn't it in my eyes when I gaze back at you?

If we end up together, I know in my heart, that it will be beautiful, that I'll be unbelievably happy.

I never imagined my heart to be taken so completely by one person that the thought of losing that person in my life would be a loss of self.

And I did lose myself. In love for you. Love unreturned.

Oh, unrequited love.

My heart misses you so much when I'm away. Your name is forever on my mind, images of you and your smile flitting through my brain all the time.

I think of you late at night. Lights out, in the darkness. All I can see is you. I wish you were with me so many times, I've lost count.

Can I ever let go of you in my heart?

But no. It's not possible for me, not after all these years.

A part of my heart will always belong solely to you.

The pain of your silence is still fresh, as if the wound was physical, not emotional.

Please, don't shut me out.

Please don't let me be the one who cares too much.

Please say the words I need to hear, my love...