One day you will move on,

one day we'll see each other again

Will my heart still break when I gaze back into your blue eyes?

Can my heart ever give you up?

But no,

because one day it will be true

You'll have lived a full, happy life

One without me in it

I'll have to accept that

Because one day,

I'll see you again

You'll be married,

you'll have a beautiful bride,

someone so deserving of just how incredible you are

You'll have children,

dark hair, blue eyes

adorable little smiles that match their dad's

As for me?

I don't see myself with anyone,

not years from now,

no, not me

If I can't have you,

I don't think I want that for my life

How sad

to part this way

But I suppose I knew it always would

I'll miss you with every beat of my heart

not a day will pass that you won't cross my mind

Darling, this is for the best

Please, believe that

You don't want me,

I understand that completely

And now it's time I let you go,

let you be happy

Please, be happy, my love