Tony Diab served as the former associate at Shook, Hardy, and Bacon LLP where he made the best use of his knowledge to consult with clients to ascertain the details and merits of each case. Additionally, he conducted research using legislation, and other legal texts to decide on a modus operandi. He had always been well versed with various research techniques to locate information relevant to cases in the areas of responsibilities. Besides, he provided legal advice to his clients and respected confidentiality agreements.

He took care of the work required by the clients without constant supervision. He worked to complete extensive case-related research into relevant laws and regulations. He negotiated on behalf of clients, drafted and interpreted contracts and legal documents, and oversaw compliance to these documents. The firm which he worked for believed that legal excellence begins and ends with relationships founded on creative and practical solutions.

Tony Diab worked to manage the client cases right from start to finish. Additionally, he has the ability to work under pressure and has excellent communication skills.

About Tony Diab

Tony Diab advised clients in business transactions and claimed liability. He carried out day-to-day legal work for the clients as directed by the partner. His work included research, drafting, providing advice, conducting meetings, and progressing matters.