You don't know how deeply I'm in love with you, so deep that it does scare me sometimes. I'll admit that. Just how I've become attached to one person this quickly, this devotedly. Every time I see you, I want all your time. Isn't that selfish?

I can't help it though. There are times when my eyes meet yours and my first thought is "I'm so in love with you". Of course breaking myself of these kind of thoughts is much easier said than done.

And trust me, I've tried. I have tried and tried to get over you but it just doesn't work like that. It's not this switch I can turn on and off. And there are times I wish it was because of how things ended up between us.

I wish I could just wish it all away but I can't. I'm just in too deep now. But even if I could, maybe I wouldn't.

I've never been in love before. There was a time - just once - when I thought I was in love with someone. But since knowing you...that all just fades away into nothingness. Like it never existed. Like love never existed before I met you. It is true didn't exist before you.

A sigh escapes my lips as I write this because it's all still true. My feelings for you, how much I care. And you'll never know it. Not again. Not this time.

Because this time, I'll keep my mouth shut. Keep it closed because opening it again is too hard. If you want things to change, you'll have to do it yourself. It's not that I don't care - I just care too much.