Get to know Katherine's story. After losing her parents and becoming practically a slave, she becomes the most beloved queen of a kingdom and of a king.


It was the year 1400. King Henry looked at the city from the top of his castle, which was on a hill not too high. He was a young king at the age of 27, tall, wore a discreet beard and was a widower. All the women in the kingdom were longing for him, but he had not yet overcome the loss of his pregnant wife.

Jacinta, already quite old, had been Nanny for Henry. She arrived with a tray of tea and bread for him. "I went to your room and didn't find you. So I figured you were here."

Henry gave her a sad smile. "Thank you, my favorite nanny." He took the tray from her hand and sipped the tea.

Jacinta watched him as he sipped his tea. "Can I give you some advice?" She asked him. Henry had a very special affection for her, even more than for the real mother. His mother, the queen, was a tough and controlling person.

"Ask," Henry replied to her. He took a large piece of bread and ate it while he waited for her to speak.

"It is a fact that you need to remarry, but do not choose your new queen according to your mother's rules. Choose someone after your heart."

Henry just nodded. In fact, he wasn't thinking of getting married again, at least not yet. "Thanks for the tea," he told her, signaling that he didn't want to talk about it any more. But it was a fact that he could not continue to rule without a queen.


In a more distant kingdom, Katherine came home bringing some things she had bought in the city after selling one of the calves on the family's small estate. She took care of everything after her father passed away and her mother became very ill after the loss of her husband.

"Mom, I'm here!" She told her mother that was lying on the bed.

"Good, dear. I was feeling very lonely," Ana replied the daughter.

Katherine lay down beside her mother and hugged her. "I'm here now and I brought you some things to make a very tasty lunch for you."

Ana looked her in the eye and stroked Katherine's head. "Daughter, we need to talk."

"About what, mom?" Katherine asked. She was afraid of what her mother would say.

"You know I'm going to be out of this world soon."

Katherine's eyes filled with tears.

"Don't say that, mom."

"It is necessary to speak, dear. I am concerned for you. You will be here alone and I do not want this. You will be 18 years old and I think it is time for you to get married."

Katherine hugged her tighter. "No, we are not going to talk about it. You are going to live for many years yet, Mom."

Ana kissed her daughter's forehead affectionately. "I love you, daughter."

"I love you, too, mom."

Two months later Katherine lost her mother. It was a very difficult day for her. At the end of the day all she did was cry.

Fifteen days after burying her mother, Katherine was surprised by the visit of her uncle who lived in the northern kingdom, the kingdom of King Henry, and a man from the city. She found out that her uncle had sold that man her house, and everything that her father had built. She protested, but there was nothing she could do, there was no one who could help her. She left her home, the place where she was born and raised, where she had been happy with her parents. Tears streamed down her face as they moved away. She remembered running happily through the yard while her father worked. "What will become of me now?" She thought as she headed for the unknown with her uncle.