Dating a "Quirky" Girl

Chapter 1 Robert

They wanted me, all the time. I was happy, with a bit of quirkiness. I seemed like their perfect Manic Pixie Girl. At least, that was always what I tried to be. Most of the time, I vanished from their life before they could get to know the real me. So, why do it? Mostly because I desire the beginning of love. I had the long term, the be with one forever type love. But then, it became normal and boring, and as much as I wanted to be with him, I wanted to feel the same lust I had for him when our relationship started. So, when I met my first short-term soulmate, I left Joshua. And since I don't like my family, I just travel around in my RV, mostly. I take temporary office jobs, in different cities, and I live out my short romance.

My first short-term soulmate, Robert, was a handsome, thin, white guy. He had shoulder short hair that was pitch black. He could be the live-action hottie in a high school anime remake. I first met him while going through an old bookstore in Auburn, New York.

He was wearing khakis and a dress shirt, with nice black shoes. This was part of the reason I picked him, his suit looked like a thrift store mix, between nice and relaxed. He was sitting in a corner, reading some manga when I came across him. I had just finished at my office job and was dressed in a multicolored dress, I had my fire red hair up in a bun and black glasses.

He smiled and said "Hi."

I said "Hi."

I looked at the books near that corner, where he sat. It was all manga and graphic novels, which wasn't my niche, but I had read enough magical girl manga's to name some if asked.

I made sure to catch his glance a few times and just smile. It was about two minutes before he spoke, again.

"Like these things?" He asked.

"Kind of, but I'm really just a magical girl fan," I giggled and smiled.

"I will tell you, I have read a few of those myself. I don't read these too often, but today felt like a manga day."

"Anything you would recommend?"

"I know most people don't know Magical Girl Princess Minky Momo. It is old school cool." He laughed.

I giggled, too.

"What else do you read?" he asked.

"Romance and Philosophy."


"As Socrates would say, the unexamined life isn't worth living," I said.

I always kept a few quotes memorized to use.

"I agree," he said.

When he said that, I knew I had him interested.

"Um, why don't you message me or call me, whichever you prefer, we can discuss more," I said. I tried keeping my voice a little low, so I could come off as shy.


I picked out a marker, which I kept handy in my skirt pocket. I grabbed his arm, and I wrote my name as confidently as possible.

I didn't write my last name. I never put my full name. There was no reason to. The guys would maybe really ask my last name once, and I would always give them some lie. No reason for them to know who I really am.

I received a text from Robert, the moment I left the bookstore.

"Thanks for your number. I hope we can talk soon. My name is Robert, btw." 😊

It made me feel good, and I headed off sure that I had found my next romance.

Anytime, I saw Robert, I had to look perfect and bubbly. I had to spend time apart from Robert being sad, alone, and smoking pot. I wrote a lot of sad music, on a guitar. I could use it to impress Robert, at any moment, as long as I had my ukulele on hand. He always found the songs thoughtful.

Robert would never see my RV, so we always went to his place, where he lived with three roommates. I tried to make him believe I had a horrible roommate, who didn't allow me to have a guest over.

I made sure that we only ever had arguments that could make me reveal something secret about myself in a crying confession, just to make Robert love me more.

I had enough trauma from growing up to use. It made me happy to have this façade relationship with Robert, and I felt like I gave him the most magical and fun romance that he could have ever asked for. We didn't date longer than three months. And I just left him a note, one morning, and head out. The note was really only so he didn't have me reported to the police as a missing person.

I am sorry. I am okay.



It wasn't much, but it was good enough for the cops to neglect any file made on me. I know what you are probably thinking, I am a horrible person. But Robert's romantic fantasy of me as this magical pixy girl was just following its progression and eventual end.

Before I disappeared, we had a lot of good times together. I made sure to keep up with my philosophy reading, cause Robert's favorite pastime seemed to be talking about philosophy.

I didn't mind, I found most of these guys really enjoyed talking. It was almost like until I dated them, no one had ever let them really speak their mind. It was mostly them talking about anything that affected them as a person, growing up, and the way they currently felt about life. There was never anything special discussed, but I appreciated their candor with me.

I often analyzed them, while they spoke. The majority, for sure, had undiagnosed or untreated forms of depression. I would always be supportive and try to motivate them to do well in their lives, but I never pushed. When I pushed Robert too much, once, the anger he displayed let me understand that the one thing these guys didn't want was someone telling them they had to do something.

I talk like I was just analyzing them, like some game, but I did love each one, and still do. There are several guys, who I could have been with for longer, but it wasn't part of my plans. Robert wasn't one of them. I just never really fell hard enough for him. He often felt like a best friend. But he was a big romantic gesture guy, and that made me hang on for three months. It wasn't that he gave me expensive things, one thing was a bracelet from one of those $.25 machines. It was more the way he did it. It wasn't just a bracelet, he also danced, gave me roses, and promised we would be together forever. He didn't just make reservations at a fancy restraint, instead, he would find some food I mentioned really wanting, no matter how hard it was to find, sometimes making things like Dumplings at home. Then he would find the perfect spot, with the perfect view, and =we could sit there for hours just goofing and talking and stuffing our faces full. Each gesture he did seemed to hit on a romantic troupe. It really felt like Robert was playing the same game with me. So, I knew he would understand that I had to leave.

I guess at this point, you probably don't have a good opinion of me, but I had always planned to do this in my twenties. I looked like the part, my figure was curvy, but my tummy was small, but I did have one. The curves were in my breast and my ass and thighs. And from the time I could read, I was enthralled with Romance. At age 8, I mourned for unrequited love from Jimmy Kerner. At age 11, my life was over, because I was still single. I would read, and watch, anything with some sort of romance, even things like "Hey Arnold" intrigued me. The angry, girl neighbor having a secret love for Arnold was sweet, and not just laughable moments.

When I first came across the 'Manic Pixie Girl' character, I was watching a movie called "Scott Pilgrim". Her name was Ramona, and I was obsessed. So much so, that by the next afternoon, I was sporting a head full of blue hair. I never cared that people pointed out me copying these girls. I wanted to be them, so any indication that I was like them was flattering.

I never wanted to be me, anyways. I also really enjoyed acting, growing up. I was in every school production, starting from Kinder. I played the 5th carrot and sang a solo about carrots making your eyes strong. No one showed up for me, but I always embraced the parts and enjoyed the shows.

As for romance, I finally had my first when I was fifteen. It was sweet, like puppy love, and it lasted for two years. Then my goth boyfriend landed the big tit cheerleader, and I was not putting out. I cried for days while watching movies like Bridgett Jones. I ate tubs of ice cream and compared myself to the cheerleaders. It was the way the dejected girl treated her breakups, in romances, so why not? That was around the time I decided to find my one soul mate. However, my love for Joshua would fizzle out after 5 years. And that was when I decided that I just wanted to be a quirky girl that dated many guys. I have also slept with a few, but I reserve that for guys I feel really special about. I'd always do it the night before I planned on leaving them.