Gabriel Hicks revenge

Chapter 153

"I have nothing more to say to you, Jethro with this fight of ours?" she tells him with an exhale...

"Look I want you to understand what I am going through?" Gibbs tries to tell her the truth of the matter.

She moved in closer to her husband to try and figure it out. "And just what exactly are you going through?" she paused for the moment before waiting for his answer to the question.

"I am worried for the most part with this man Paul Lemere eventually is going to be killing me, along with his newfound friends with Alejandro Riveria and most of all Gabriel Hicks hiding for months from the authorities."

"Christ sake! will you please stop already? If you want to leave to search for them? be my quest and just simply go already. I am not able to stop you in the first place since you're your own man when it comes to decisions." she instructed...

"Understood!" he said with grabbing his phone to call McGee to discuss the plans further.

McGee had been sitting in his suite waiting for this particular call. Looking at his tablet after talking with Delilah. He heard the vibrating of his phone going off.

"This is McGee what can I do for you, Gibbs?" he will tell him with emotion.

"You know damn well Tim why I am calling? I will be leaving the house in a few moments packing to be joining you for the operation. Please let management know that I will be needing the suite that you had put on hold for me?" he cries out with his reply.

"I certainly will Gibbs. See you soon." Tim noted with ending the call to get to work with calling the manager downstairs in regard to the reservation.

Gibbs turned to face his wife with her not happy at all as she had finished his packing with the go-bag and other essentials and including his green duffle bag with his rifle and scope...