Gabriel Hicks revenge

Chapter 31

"Thanks, Sis. This hasn't been easy for the both of us with my husband getting injured by that nut case. He was lucky that he didn't die on me or his NCIS buddies?" Marcie said with emotion.

"When is the surgery?" Elizabeth needed to know.

"In a few days. I really don't know all of the details sis. Hopefully, Doctor Cyril Taft will be able to tell me what he plans on doing exactly with the surgery?"

On the computer screen, Elizabeth was shaking her head. "Believe me Jethro is going to be just fine. Since he's mostly invincible for the most part?" she needed to reply to her sister Marcie.

"let's hope so! From what he had told me about some of the things that had happened to him over the years for NCIS. He's lucky to still be alive in any shape or form." she responded.

"Wow! That's amazing Marcie that anybody could survive having a death cloud hanging over his head?" Elizabeth inquired.

"Where did you think that Sis since Jethro had mentioned that one of his previous Cartel leaders Alejandro Riveria had said the same thing to him in prison? Even though he had escaped from the prison with help from the outside." Marcie said with slight anger building in her stomach.

"I really don't know at this time, Marcie. Listen I need to go now. I will wish you all of the best with Jethro's surgery. He sure does need it nevertheless!" Elizabeth had ended the connection to run an errand for her husband.

And in the meantime, Marcie decided to rest now after making the calls on the computer. She had shut down the computer placing it on the coffee table in order to lay down on the couch. She needed to place another log in the fireplace with a chill.

She was able to fall asleep easily having to be thinking about her husband.

Special Agent Gibbs had been moved to his new room in the cardiac unit for the surgery in two days. Finally, all of the tests had been finished by the cardiac crew on the floor. Doctor Cyril Taft having to be on the floor at the time. He had come to see his friend Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Staying in room 421 a private room. Gibbs had the remote in his hand having to be slightly bored while listening and watching the local news. There was nothing of interest that had hit his eye for the most part.

Taft walked in with the medical chart on his patient and the results of some of the tests already been done earlier.

"What's the matter Gibbs?" he said with having to pull up a chair to chat some with him.

"Mostly boredom Doc!" Gibbs needed to have said.

"Does this has anything to do with Gabriel Hicks now dead?" a question that was strange coming from his primary care physician.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean Doc?" Gibbs with his outburst.

"Maybe you need to find a new target to kill in order for you to keep your sanity?" Taft had to say to have his friend confused.

"Listen I don't need to have anyone else coming after me anymore. It's why I have decided to work at the Academy and gun range as a teacher. I am just sick and tired of all of the death and destruction over the many years I have been an agent and as a marine." he cried out disgusted with his emotional outpour.