Howard Wilner of Sudbury, MA, considers the importance of driver monitoring system in reducing automotive accidents. He shares that it is a real time system that observes and collects information about the drivers and tests if they can safely perform the dynamic driving tasks.

It involves a camera-based safety system that monitors the driver's behavior and alerts them when they become distracted for a period of time long enough to lose situational awareness. It alerts the drivers before collisions happen and helps them improve their driving. Eventually, it reduces operational costs, lowers insurance period, achieves safety metrics, and saves lives.

Overall, a driving monitoring system prevents driver distraction and ensures driver readiness for autonomous drive handover. Moreover, it uses a single low-power in-vehicle camera and advanced vision technologies to provide reliable detection of driver drowsiness and distraction. According to Howard Wilner from Sudbury, MA, it alerts drivers to reduce the chances of serious accidents and provides a safer and comfortable drive.

To reduce automotive accidents, Wilner recommends the use of driver state monitoring as it can help in effectively detecting impaired & drowsy driving, & give a warning & take effective action before any mishappening takes place.

About Howard Wilner

Howard Wilner from Sudbury, MA is an experienced business development professional. Having received his education from the Massachusetts Bay Community College and the Boston College, Howard has been active in the automotive industry for a long time now. He has a strong command in automobile site acquisitions, automobile inventory management, negotiation, coaching, sales, and automotive repair.

Howard Wilner has also been a part of several organizations including - the Charter Oak Country Club, Boston College Club, NHREIA, New England Society and Automotive News Professional Community. He also volunteered with Rotary International for three years.