I didn't want to go back. Ben didn't either. But this fact didn't seem to deter Cameron in the slightest.

Once he had taken a swig of each one of the serums Ben and I watched as his body twitched and flipped a little at all the stuff that was changing his DNA.

Once it had all been taken in by his body, he looked at his pale hands silently, seeing them fade in and out of sight.

Power: Invisibility – No scratch that.

Power: Bloody everything!

After he had seemed to steady himself he looked back other to us and said, shaking the tube of the pink serum he had swallowed, "You guys sure you don't want in on this?"


"Not straight away, no," Ben added in after me quickly. I looked over at him, and he smiled at me with a calm wink. My cheeks ballooned again with red blush.

"Are you two sure?" Cameron asked his final time and we both nodded our heads. But I could feel worry in my bones and Cameron seemed to pick up on my fears and worrying thoughts.

I understand, Cameron- I shot my eyes straight at him when I heard his voice in my head. Was I going effing crazy?!

No, er, Cammie, he thought back to me and I looked him in the eyes, seeing him concentrating on his power of telepathy, I have every power plus one. And I'm going to take him down.

"Who?" I asked aloud and cupped my mouth instantly, realizing I already knew.

Cameron nodded slowly in reply.

"The lady said the teleportation serum will take me anyway I focus my mind on. Like a picture of the place in my head."

"So are you going to-"

That minute, Cameron burst into flames and me and Ben howled with petrifying screams. When we looked back at him, Cameron was gone and tears began to soak my eyes instantly as I cried, dropping into Ben's arms.


We flinched however when we heard the sound of an explosion behind us and we swung around seeing Cameron was standing on the other side of us, smoke rising off him as he stood there amazed.

"O...kay." He said and I froze stiff, realizing I was still in Ben's arms. I quickly rolled my eyes up to see his expression, but he was too busy concentrating on the smoking Cameron that I quickly pushed off him back to my petite feet. I looked at Cameron as he continued, "A bit of an explosive exit and entering, but... but it works!"

"Awesome." Ben just agreed with one cool word.

"That's it then..." Cameron continued, coming between us and swinging his arms over both our shoulders as he pulled us close in nearly a headlock, "Guys, we're going home."

"But Cameron," Ben said to him quietly, pushing his arm off and looking at him with sad eyes, "This is my home now."


Cameron seemed to halt in his speech as soon as he said that. I guess because he was reading Ben's mind and feelings and replied back nervously, "If that's what you want, man."

"It is."

"What was he thinking?!" I cried to Cameron shaking him to know and Cameron just looked nervously at me.

"You'll find out in time."

"But I wanna know NOW."

Ben chuckled and Cameron just rolled his eyes, unamused by my pleading.

"Tonight we dine, because at midnight... I'll be gone."

"Forever?" I whimpered and Cameron just placed his hand on my shoulder, looking me in the eye and replying.

"Yeah... but forever is a long time, so let's just say, when you need me, call me."

I smiled weakly and nodded in agreement saying, "Deal."

And before I knew it we were dining at a restaurant, eating and just talking about all we had been through.

"Remember when the data shark nearly killed you?" Ben laughed as he swigged back his drink. Don't worry, it wasn't alcoholic... stupid law.

"Yeah, and when we smashed into the firewall?" I said on with a giddy small giggle and Cameron rolled his eyes.

"It was all part of the plan."

"A plan we were just making up on the spot," Ben had to conclude with a cheeky wink and I burst into such insane laughter it made Ben laugh too and Cameron just to look at me astonished.

"So you two are really going to stay here?" He asked just then, and I blushed at the mention of me and Ben being together – ON Earth! Is all I mean...

"I don't want to be anywhere near our old planet." Ben told him as he stuck his fork into a chicken nugget and dropped it into his mouth, "I'm starting anew, gonna age myself up to twenty-one, and then am taking the immortal serum."

"You... are?" I said, and for some reason, I went starry-eyed at the image of an older more muscular-looking Ben, "That's hot..."

The two boys looked at me surprised, and it was then I realized I was drooling a little bit.

"What... about you, er, Cammie?" Ben asked nervously and I blinked, coming back to the moment and looked at him with a nervous smile on my lips.

"Same as you... yeah, uh huh."

Ben smiled warmly at me then and Cameron gave a big roll of his eyes as he added, "And I suppose settle down with a nice girl, hmm... Ben?"

Ben for the first time blushed without control and took his gaze reluctantly off me.

"I... don't know," He finally replied after being quiet for a minute, "I don't want to get hurt again."

"Oh," I said, as it dawned on me the memory of how Ben's last relationship had led him to a gun and a bullet and a life trapped in the digital for a thousand years.

"What if," I asked on, shyly, and he looked at me quickly before turning his eyes to his hands that rested on his lap, "If it was a special girl...?"

"I dunno," He only replied, so unsure of himself, "I just don't know..."

He's already met his special girl, Cameron told me in thought and I grit my teeth in sudden uncontrolled rage.

WHO is SHE?! He doesn't know any other girls but... oh. I felt like such a blooming idiot, Cameron... does Ben, does he like me?

No. Cameron responded back with a groan in his telepathic thought, He HATES you. I gasped and he continued in anger, HAVE YOU BEEN BLIND AND DEATH? Of course, he likes you!

"Oh," I said and slowly took a sip of my drink.

Cameron smiled a bit bitterly at me and suddenly jolted a little back in his position as he saw the time and said.

"It's half eleven, guys..."

"It is?" Ben asked, looking up at the clock and realizing it truly was. Only thirty minutes till Cameron was going home. Going through time and space just to see his loved ones again, to see Amy...

It kept feeling like Amy was the only thing that got him up in the mornings and through the days. The image of seeing her face again and holding her hand tight in his.

The only time I had felt that flutter was with Ben. Maybe I was crazy, but when his hand had held mine... I had felt safe. And I didn't know how to explain it, but this body was a female, with female needs and female wants. It was like this body had put new urges into me, wanting to be protected instead of to protect. Wanting to giggle instead of telling the jokes. And wanting Ben when my rational mind had never desired him one bit.

What was wrong with me? Was I always like this, or was my mind just being overpowered by estrogen and female hormones?

When the time came near me and Ben stood side by side as we watched Cameron make a little circular space around him, preparing for his violent and dangerous teleportation to take part.

"When that clock hits twelve, it's gonna be a new day." He told us and we watched on silently, "A new day... back home, with power to finally stop Luke's evil reign."

"How exactly are you gonna stop his rain?" Ben asked confused and I butted in quickly.

"I WAS going to ask the same thing!"

"Wow," Cameron replied and looked at us blankly adding, "You two idiots were made for each other."

"TAKE THAT BACK!" I yelled and he shook his head, giggling slightly before waving goodbye to us and blowing up.

We flinched back as the smoke blew in our direction. I had my eyes closed tight but when I heard the sound of silence, I opened them again and just coughed weakly the smoke that was still in the air around us.

Ben seemed to stand there silently, seeming to have recovered faster than me and he only waved his hand through where Cameron had been.

Muttering to himself.

"He's... he's gone."

I watched as tears filled his eyes and he tried wiping them away before they would fall... but to no success.

"He's gone."

"But I'm not."

He closed his eyes at my words and I approached him quietly. He had placed both his hands down to his sides and I looked down at the one nearest me... slowly reaching forward but he flinched away from me and uttered.

"I can't."

I looked at him, my heart breaking deeply and he said.

"I don't want to be hurt anymore..."

"I understand," I said back quietly and turned to leave. As I took upset scared steps away from him, I heard him whisper.

"And it hurts me when I'm not around you..."

I blinked, looking away at him and turning around, coming back to him, afraid.

"What are you, Cammie?" He asked me then as I stood before him and the last of the smoke had faded into the air. There was a rumble in the sky as the clouds broke apart just then and let down a shower of rain.

The two of us stood there, feeling the raindrops soak down our bodies and he asked once more, "What are we?"

"I'm a girl and you're a boy... I was a boy but now I'm a girl."

He watched me silently as I said this.

"I can't change back now, I'm stuck like this... and I want to be your girlfriend."

He blinked opened his eyes, surprised by how I just said that without hesitancy. It then hit me that I had said something stupid.

"I mean... BLOOD sister, a-a girl who's your friend. That's what I meant... that's all... unless you want it to mean something else, I really don't mind-"

He placed his finger to his lips, shushing me with a small shh, and finally replied.

"We'll find out..."

He reached his hand to mine and held it tightly, continuing, "Just please, don't leave..."

Gosh, I don't know why, but at that moment I just wanted him harder. I muttered, tears rising in my eyes and I cried.

"I won't leave if you don't leave."

"Well, I guess then we're both not leaving."

"Okay. So I guess we're sticking together, then?"

"If we have to."


He laughed again and I tightened my fingers around his. He said to me then, the sound of pure joy being heard for the first time in his voice.

"I like you, Cammie..." I squealed in delight without control, "So let's both stay here... together."

"If we must," I sighed and just broke into laughter. And you know what I realized just then? I wasn't laughing at everything anymore. I wasn't laughing in pain and without any control over it.

I was fixed.

I was broken... but now, I was fine.

I was me... no longer attached to Cameron, no longer the phantom in control.

I was Cammie... and I?

I was free.