Fall in to Song

For just a few minutes I can be free.

The sounds of melody, they take me away.

The sounds all around me fade away.

I can breathe.

The morning dawns.

The rush of new beginnings loom.

So many places to go.

So many things to do.

So many people to see.

Heading out my door, I prepare myself.

I prepare for battle.

Noises of all kinds assault my ear.

The honking of car horns.

People yell.

People talk on their phones, having loud conversations.

As if no one was listening.


I just want it to be quiet!

Is that too much to ask for?

I try to think. I try to pray.

Sometimes I just can't.


I need to block out the noise.

And I turn to you.

There where I sit, there where I stand, I turn you on.

And you save me.

A voice, a piano, a saxophone melts my heart.

A lyric, a guitar riff, it soothes me - and makes it all disappear.

You tell me a story.

You make me cry.

You make me dance my anger away.

I am there with you, and you are deep within me.

Without you, the sounds of the world would be deafening.

I wouldn't feel alive.

In you, I want to exist.

The world outside doesn't matter.

All I want is the beat.

Rock my soul.

Tune in. Tune out. I sway with the rhythm.


Singing along to every word, I don't care.

Free me from this oppressiveness.

Every note takes me to Heaven.



And there is more to life.

It lasts momentarily, but oh, the feeling.

That high, that jolt.

The passion.

I would never want to give it up.

It gives me hope to get through the day.

Gets me through to the next time.

And I can go on in perfect harmony.

Nothing else but a song is all I need at this moment.

Just for a moment there is silence.

Then the world goes on.

I go on.

Ida M. Nieves

May 12, 2021