Not pursuing a college education? Jay Sawyer from Glenview, IL explains the cons of not going to college. He shares that college education is a structured system that allows students to climb the ladder slowly and patiently. Those who choose to say no to college have to acknowledge that solo learning involves a lot of work. It includes a lot of time management, discipline, balance, and organization.

Sawyer believes that going to college allows you to meet a lot of interesting characters. You will learn a lot of things about how people think and behave. Moreover, you will be able to practice various soft skills including the communication skills, social skills as well as teamwork. Adding more to it, he states that going to college improves your self-awareness.

After all, college allows you to adapt to a new environment which is quite thrilling, exciting, and beneficial experience in itself. Jay Sawyer from Glenview, IL also states that college sets you with challenges and provides great opportunities. You will participate in various extracurricular programs and activities that can put you in front of the right concepts. Besides, you will interact with different cultures and different mindsets which will give you the opportunity to understand the larger picture.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer from Glenview, IL strongly feels that a degree can improve your resume and boost your income. However, he also believes that it is possible to succeed even without a college degree. He notes that college is expensive, and if you are the one paying for it, starting right after high school may be difficult.