Bette On It: Weird Adolescence. Senior Year. An excerpt...

Tuesday was Haunted Horror. For Bette, it was a no-brainer, she dressed as Wednesday Addams. When she was in the dark room that day in photography class, Mark snuck up behind her and whispered in her ear how sexy she looked and what he wanted to do with her. Bette felt herself get hot for him, even with other people in the room, and he touched her butt and she grazed his groin and felt he was hard for her. After school, he took her home, feeling each other up in his truck while he drove. When they got there, she took off her black tights and put the white thigh high stockings on with the white floral lace, and they had quick, rough sex before her parents got home while she was still mostly clothed. They both loved it.

Here are the specifics on how that day went...

***WARNING: Contains graphic language, graphic sexual content, and consensual mild sexual violence***

Bette was excited for Winter Spirit Week. Any excuse to wear a costume was fun. She had been planning out her costumes the previous week. Tuesday's costume day was Haunted Horror, and there was no doubt in her mind what her costume would be for that day, she dressed as Wednesday Addams. She wore a grey button up shirt with her black scoop-neck shirt over it. She wore a black skirt that went to her mid-thigh with tiny grey dots on it, black tights, and black Mary Jane shoes. She always had pale skin, but she powdered herself extra pale that day, wore sharp black eyeliner, black mascara, burgundy lipstick and nail polish. She put on a necklace with the little green bottle pendant that she liked because it looked like poison. And for her crowning glory: she braided her hair in two braids along the side of her head and over her shoulders. In any other color scheme, she would look like an extra from the movie 'Clueless,' today she was a sultry Wednesday Addams. She knew Mark would go wild for her look.

She knew she wouldn't see Mark until she got to their last class of the day, photography. As each class period passed, she got more and more excited to see him. When she saw her best friend Jenna at lunch, the pair giggled. Bette guessed Mark would pat his hand over his chest and make the same 'ooh' face when she dressed similarly for him years earlier. He always did have a thing for Wednesday Addams. But now that they were 18, in a relationship, and having sex for the last couple weeks, there was no telling how he would react.

Bette got to photography class first. She always got there before him. She sat at her table, crossed her legs, and sat up straight and stuck out her ample breasts just enough for posture, but not so much to look obvious to everyone else that she was sticking them out. She opened her notebook and doodled in it. She doodled moons and stars, but today they came out as pentagrams in circles with horns, forked tails, and pitchforks. She was feeling the Wednesday Addams characterization through and through.

Mark came in the class room and Bette took a deep breath when she saw him, he dressed up for the theme day too. He wore tailored black pants, a white dress shirt, the red tie, a black suit jacket, the white rhinestone brooch on the tie. When he smiled at her, he had a pair of plastic fake fangs in his mouth. The sophisticated vampire returned. He took out the fake teeth and bit his lower lip at her. He did the same thing before she modeled lingerie for him the first time. She gave him a tiny, playful snarl back. They both covered their mouths and laughed after.

The first part of class went over new techniques and expectations for upcoming assignments for photographs. The second part of class the teacher asked if anyone had any film to develop. It was late enough in the school year that if four people wanted to use the dark room at a time, they could. Bette did have a couple strips of film she wanted to try and develop and resize into new photos, so she raised her hand. Mark raised his hand too. Two other students raised their hands to use the dark room, and the space was at capacity until one of them was done. Bette grabbed her strips of film and headed down the doubled twisted hallway into the darkroom, the red light bulbs were already on. Bette got set up at one of the developing stations. She started the process. Mark was at another station adjacent from her, he didn't say anything to her, he didn't touch her, but she felt him there, she heard him working. One of the other students worked quickly, he only had one photo to develop and left fairly quickly. As he walked out of the room, Mark stepped over to Bette and whispered in her ear, "I didn't think you could look any sexier," and stepped away from her just as quickly, getting back to his station. Bette felt the warmth of his breath on her ear when he said it and it sent a ripple through her nerves down her neck. The vampire knows what he's doing. The next student came in and went to the empty station and did their work. Bette continued to do her work. The other initial student finished their work and left. As they walked out of the room, Mark leaned into her again, and slowly ran the back of his fingers down her butt. Bette sharply inhaled and dropped her tongs. She crouched down to pick them up and Mark crouched down too. The red glow of the bulbs in the darkness made him look sinister and the rhinestone brooch sparkled red instead of white. Their eyes met and he mouthed to her, "I'm going to make you cum," and he licked his lower lip at her and stood quickly while she was still crouched down. Bette stood up fast thereafter and found herself with a head rush; she wasn't sure if it was from what Mark said or from standing up so fast.

She was getting close to being done with her work. She picked up one of the bottles for the photos, it was mostly full, but it gave her an idea. She turned her head, "Mark, do you have another bottle of solution?" He turned to her question and she touched the bottle suggestively. She gripped it at the top and ran her hand down it to the table.

"Sure. I was almost done here." He said casually. He looked side to side to make sure the others weren't looking. Bette looked down to the floor to tell him to stand next to her. He did and their arms touched forming a corner. They looked each other in the eye. He handed her the full bottle and with the arms that met, the back of her fingertips grazed the back of his genitals. His dick was already hard for her. She made a puckering-kiss look at him and stepped back to her station. She developed her last photo and walked out of the dark room; she felt the sweat that built up between her breasts and the stirring he caused in her core. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

When they left class, normally they just held hands, that day, with the crowded halls he followed behind her with his hand on her waist and hip, and once in a while, the back of his fingertips grazed down her butt again. The tights and the fabric of the skirt were thin, she could feel the curve of his fingernail. While they stood at her locker and she got her coat and backpack, he whispered in her ear again, "I'm going to make love to you like I never have."

She grabbed him by his tie and whispered in his ear, "That's because you've never been with Wednesday before." She pushed him upright again and winked at him. Mark had a heated look on his face. He was loving that she was into what they were doing.

The hallways were clearing. She had her stuff from her locker. He stared her in the eyes and slammed her locker door. He took her hand and they walked fast towards the lobby of the school. After they got out the door, they started jogging. Bette had a tougher time keeping up with him, he had longer legs and had been a runner for so long. She never was athletic or fond of running, but she was so hot for him and her adrenaline ran, she didn't notice.

They threw their backpacks in the back of his truck and quickly got in the cab. He started the truck to warm it up and they embraced each other with a passionate kiss. Their mouths slicked open and their tongues followed each other into each other's mouths. They moaned and sighed to the kissing. They kept kissing but let go of each other. They took off their coats and Mark took off his tie. He held her around her face and separated them. He breathed heavily, "how long do we have?"

Bette looked over at the clock on the stereo, "An hour, maybe."

"Buckle up, Wednesday."

Bette buckled herself in the center seat of the truck next to him. She ran her hand up his thigh and felt his hard-on in his pants. He quickly backed out of the parking spot and the tires screeched. Mark moaned to her touch. He reached over and ran his hand up her inner thigh. She had another naughty thought. She was suddenly extremely grateful for her creative writing class and Mark's specific fetish. "Thing. How did you get here?"

"Ooh. You're killing me Wednesday." He drummed his fingers on her thigh.

"How can I be killing you? You're already dead my sophisticated vampire." She turned her head and licked his neck and his ear.

"UH!" He gripped her thigh. He still kept his eyes on the road.

She wanted him to enjoy the fantasy. She took his hand off her thigh. "Did I ever tell you that this wouldn't be Wednesday's first time with Thing or the undead?"

He was at a stop light and he looked over at her. Bette kicked off her Mary Janes. She reached up her skirt and started to pull off her tights. "I was researching the quick ways to drain a man and I had Thing write down notes for me." Mark was breathing hard. "The femoral artery on the inner thigh bleeds quickly." Thanks for that piece of info, Mom. "I was getting more and more turned on from the prospect of homicide, I started touching myself." She tossed the tights aside and touched her breasts. The car behind them honked, the light was green. Mark looked forward and started driving. She had a leg on each side of the cab, still sitting in the center seat. "I started rubbing my tits, and Thing could sense what I was doing. He hopped off the table, scurried across the floor and hopped up on my bed." She took Mark's hand and licked his middle and ring fingers down to the second knuckles, and he groaned. She didn't need to do that; she was already wet for him. "I went and got on the bed and Thing toyed with my nipples too. Thing made it feel good. Then he scurried into my skirt." Bette was going to lead his hand under her skirt, but he found the way himself. He plunged his fingers into the soft wetness of her and she gasped. "Yes! That's it Thing! Oh!" Mark touched, rubbed, and pleasured her on the drive to her house. "Thing-Ah! made me-uh! Feel things! Yeah!" She panted as he touched her. She moaned and sighed as he drove all the way to her house and he pulled up. He had to stop touching her to put the truck in park, but he made up for it. He un buckled and turned in the seat, he held her down, got between her legs, and touched her more and at a more deft angle.

He growled, "Tell me what happened," locking his eyes with hers. They didn't even care that they were in broad daylight parked on her street. She sighed as he touched, massaged, and thrust his fingers into her. "What did Thing do, Wednesday?"

Bette was leaning back on the door and cupping the sides of her breasts. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at him, gasping through the pleasurable touches he caused. Mark glared passionately at her, "He m-made me- me- Ah!" She closed her eyes and squeezed her breasts as he hit her peak. He rubbed the orgasm through her body and she breathed heavily as she opened her eyes. He stared intensely as he slowed down his fingers. He read her breaths, leaned into her, and kissed her, running his tongue against her lips. "Was that the Thing?" He sat up, let her go, and withdrew his hand from under her skirt.

She sat up grabbed his collar and kissed him aggressively. "Yes. But there was more."

She put her shoes back on and got out of the truck and grabbed her backpack and coat. Mark followed her into the house. As soon as they were inside, she dropped her stuff. He threw his coat to the floor and scooped her into his arms. She held his face and kissed him. He kept his eyes open and looked forward and carried her up the stairs to her room. He threw her onto her bed.

"Unbutton your shirt." She ordered him. Mark pulled out the tails of his shirt and started unbuttoning it from the top down, she could see he had a tight tank on underneath. She spoke in her sexy tone as he unbuttoned "In my house, you scream when you need Lurch. Thing made me scream. I screamed and Lurch came in my room. Then Lurch and I came together. Are you going to make me scream?"

Mark's shirt dropped. "Mmmmmm." He groaned like Lurch.

Bette rolled off the bed and went to the dresser. She had taped her condoms to the inside of the dresser where they couldn't be seen. She tossed it to Mark. She pulled out the white thigh high stockings for him. "You put that on and I'll put these on."

Mark unbuckled his pants. Bette put on one of the thigh-highs. He unzipped his pants and let them fall. She put on the other thigh-high stocking. He held the condom in his hand and held out his other hand to her. "Come here," he growled.

She took his hand and he yanked her hard into him, kissed her, then pushed her onto the bed. He dropped his tight boxer-briefs and rolled the condom onto himself. He grabbed her legs and wrapped them around himself. She led him into her with a sigh. He tightly wedged her waist between his arms as he braced his hands on the bed and thrust himself into her quick and hard. "Yeah! That's! How! Lurch! Fucked! Me!"

"MMMMM!" Mark groaned hard into her. "I wanna see your tits."

Bette unbuttoned the top of her button up blouse, reached into her bra, pulled her breasts out, stretching out her black scoop-necked shirt. They bounced up and down the way Mark thrust into her.

"Hold me down. I like that." She said. Mark took her hands, pinned them over her head with his own, and lay against her. He kissed her, breathing heavily as he kept rolling into her again and again. She moaned and sighed. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled herself up around him.

He pulled back slightly and looked at her, he slowed his hip movements. "Oh Wednesday," he whispered.

"I wanna fuck you to death," she moaned.

"I should be so lucky," he laughed.

"Don't smile." She said sternly. She yanked a hand free and clawed his back with the nails of her right hand.

Mark shouted in pleasure and pain, but he was grinning. He had bright eyes. He nodded afterwards. He liked it. He always liked it when she used her nails on his back, she'd just never used them that hard before. He gave her a hard thrust in return and she moaned hard, she liked it too. He wedged his arms under her, and picked her up, and fell back on the bed for her to ride him. He reached up and massaged her breasts as she rode his thrusts.

"Play with my tits Thing. I like it when you do that."

Mark groaned to Bette's continuing role-play and pinched her nipples making her cry out. She slapped her hand on his chest; she was so stimulated; she didn't know where to put all her energy. She leaned forward kissed him and their tongues chased into each other's mouths. "Bite me, my vampire!" He bit her lower lip first and growled. He held her back tight and bit her neck and parts of her shoulder. She moaned in his ear to let him know the pressure he put on was good. He bit the top of her breast and she howled like a wolf. He snarled and snorted and thrust hard into her from below.

"This vampire will make you his creature. I wanna make you howl louder," He whispered in the sinister tone in her ear.

She looked him in the eye and gave him the snarling face. "How do you want me?"

Mark sat up and put a few more grinds into her. "Look in your mirror." Bette turned her head but could only see herself in her dresser mirror. "I want us both to see." She understood what he wanted, and she wanted it too. She got up and turned on her bed and got on her knees and faced the dresser mirror. She braced her hands on the foot board of the bed. Mark got on his kneed behind her. They looked at each other in the reflection of the mirror and smiled, and for a brief second, the illusion of their role-play was broken and they were just two happy teenagers in love. It ended just as quickly when Mark grabbed her hips and snarled. "Now, Wednesday." He got between her legs and she led him into her. She hadn't let him take her from behind before, this was their first time doing it like this, she knew it was Mark's first time like this ever. His head fell back and he moaned. Bette had forgotten how good it could feel like this. She watched him in the mirror take his pleasures in her. He held he under her skirt rubbed her butt. He flipped her skirt up and watched himself go in and out of her and heaved breaths at the sight of it. "Fuck," he sighed.

"Keep fucking me," she moaned. Mark would do a few quick grinds and then a hard one into her and Bette moaned loudly. He re-positioned his hand on her hip and it came off and onto her like a light spank and she moaned. They looked at each other in the mirror and she nodded.

"Yeah. Again. Harder." Mark slapped Bette's ass with light force and she purred for him while he continued to roll into her. She dropped her elbows rested her head, chest, and arms, on the bed. "Put your hands on my back. Hold me down!" Mark's hands slid up her back and across her shoulders. The angle of his drive into her became more and more pleasurable and she got louder and louder. Bette wasn't purring or howling, she was straight-up screaming. "Yeah! Oh, yeah Mark. Oh God!"

"Uh! Bette! Ah," he groaned through his slightly parted jaw. As fun as role-playing was, not even their climaxes were a match for Mark hanging on to the illusion. They breathed hard, heavy breaths as they pulled away from each other sweating. He fell back onto his haunches letting his head fall back for a moment and braced a hand on the headboard. She flopped to her side and looked at him with a dazed smile on her face. He crawled off the bed and went to her bathroom, took off the condom, wrapped it in some toilet paper and put it in the garbage. He got back on the bed and lay perpendicular to her with his head on her stomach. He kissed the bottom of her still-exposed breasts. She reached out and traced the sweat line on his undershirt with her fingers.

"You know for a vampire, you certainly don't suck," she laughed a little.

"I've never been so lucky to be un-dead," he laughed and sighed. "I know I said wishes and fantasies weren't real," he rolled himself over until his face was right in front of hers, "But you just made about five or six of them come true."

She sweetly kissed him. "Then I guess we'll just have to come up with five or six new ones."