Howard Wilner from Sudbury, MA is an automotive expert who always keeps a close eye on all the emerging trends in the industry. He points that according to a recent research; smart traffic management is most likely to save cities almost $277B by 2025. He states that vendors must focus on smart displays that provide drivers with up-to-date, relevant information related to parking availability in a safe manner.

Wilner shares that infrastructure should be such that it is able to effortlessly communicate with vehicles for collecting data instead of relying on the conventional methods of traffic actuation.

In addition to it, Howard Wilner from Sudbury, MA also believes that 3D printing is going to be the future of automotive industry. As per the latest report, the automotive industry is expected to spend over $2.3 billion on 3D printing in 2021. Various efforts are being made to create standardized 3D printing process that can be certified for producing components for automotive applications.

About Howard Wilner

Howard Wilner from Sudbury, MA is an experienced business development professional. Having received his education from the Massachusetts Bay Community College and the Boston College, Howard has been active in the automotive industry for a long time now. He has a strong command in automobile site acquisitions, automobile inventory management, negotiation, coaching, sales, and automotive repair.

Howard Wilner has also been a part of several organizations including - the Charter Oak Country Club, Boston College Club, NHREIA, New England Society and Automotive News Professional Community. He also volunteered with Rotary International for three years.