A highly advanced technological marvel adrift in a sea of sand, the city of Cairo was home to the rulers of the land known as the Pharaoh whose family ruled all the eye could see. To the sea of sands that lay all around for miles to the northern ocean, to the southern tombs and beyond, they ruled over all without question. Their claim of being descended from the gods helped this, and with their vast technical and magical powers no one dared claim otherwise.

The Pharaoh's family had the eyes of their loyal High Priestess to thank for this, who was diligent in her duties and fervent in her loyalty. For generations the High Priestess served the ruler and the people of the kingdom for their benefit without question. As for questions, the Priestess always had an answer to anything that was asked of her.

Her chamber was closed off from the rest of the palace. The light from the hot sun came in through the opening in the ceiling and was the only source of light for those in the room. It was hot, like always, but to the High Priestess Ladice her mind wasn't concerned with the humidity. She wore a shear white dress laden with golden ornaments representing the gods she worshipped. The dress was strapless and had a golden eagle along the top hemline. The dress itself was astonishingly revealing, being open up both sides from just above her hips down to her ankles. A hairpin designed to resemble the Eye of Horus was on her left temple in her ebony hair. Her tanned skin had mystical incantations all along her arms to her hands. On her right hand she wore a golden set of claws called the Anubis Paw. This allowed her to control her magic more effectively and gave her hand a menacing appearance on top of it. Her wrist had multiple golden bracelets adorning it, all gifts given to her by the people of the city. On the sides of her face more incantations behind a shear black veil that hid the lower half of her face, and her lavender colored eyes were straight forward and deep in her work. Her eyes were focused like a concentrated sun beam at the vision that was showing before her on her altar. Her magical prowess allowed her thoughts to manifest in the form of sand above a high-tech slab of intricate detailed stone. The sand itself took on whatever form her mind needed it to be. What had formed out of the swirling golden sand was that of a tall, armored figure that looked nothing like she had ever seen before.

It was here that she was puzzled. 'This being cannot be from these lands, as my eyes have never seen it before. If so, then what is it?'

Ladice was without question the most intelligent person in the kingdom, man or woman, and yet even she could not find an answer to her own question. She had been trying to figure it out for hours on end, ever since she woke up that morning. A vision of this thing, as well as strange people fighting each other, had been the dream she had seen. Though many would call it a dream and nothing more, Ladice knew it could be more than just that. Thus, she was determined to discover if it was or not, just to allay her fears.

"Lady Ladice."

Her eyes remained focused but for a moment the High Priestess heard footsteps approach her from behind as well as the subtle clanking of armor. No doubt it was one of the Medjay, the Pharaoh's personal bodyguards. For the woman it was unprecedented that someone interrupt her while she was working. 'Why can't they just leave me be?"

She did recognize the voice that addressed her, however, as Benaat. This puzzled her momentarily. 'They sent the Captain himself to find me?'

Benaat was a young man who had seen many battles in his near thirty years on earth but for all his experience he was approachable in a way most soldiers who fought for the Pharaoh could not. The man bowed his head, "My lady, the Pharaoh seeks your wisdom."

Allowing her concentration on the sand to dissolve Ladice lowered her hands and the sand of its own accord returned to the golden canopic jar that housed it. She finally turned to the soldier and doing so made the skirt of her dress sway back around her legs for a moment. "And I seek his council as well."

She stepped down the set of stairs and stood before the soldier. In her golden high heel sandals, she was just as tall as he was to the point where they were at eye level.

"I am to take you to him as quickly as possible. The emissaries of the Gods will soon be arriving."

Hearing this Ladice knew she couldn't waste any more time. "Then take me to him, with all haste."

That was all they had to exchange in order to move on. No time for small talk when the Pharaoh called.

The palace was nearly empty as the two made their way through its stone and marble halls. The clanging of Benaat's armor was almost in sync with Ladice's heels clicking on the floor.

They didn't stop even as they approached the large doors that led into the Pharaoh's throne room. They started to open automatically and neither of them broke their stride. The two entered the large chamber lit by torches and sun from the open ceiling. Large pillars lined both sides of the enormous path leading to a single throne at the far end of the room.

Sitting upon the throne was Set, the Pharaoh of the lands on Earth and representative for the Gods on the planet. White robes adorned with gold trinkets and priceless valuables decorated the man who stared straight at the two who approached him. Multiple slaves heeded his every call and waited on their knees for their turn to serve their master.

Benaat kept his composure but inside his stomach was turning knots as he approached the throne.

Ladice wasn't like him in that regard. She wasn't intimidated by the sight nor the atmosphere. She had other things to worry about. Still she had to do her part whether she liked it or not.

The soldier and the priestess reached the base of the throne stairs and got on their knees to honor their ruler who stared down at with a blank emotionless glare. "Thank you for retrieving her, Benaat." His tone was as emotionless as his eyes. Though not even thirty years of age, the young ruler was known to be cold in his words to no matter whom he spoke to.

They kept their heads bowed, and Benaat spoke, "With pleasure, sire..."

He called for them to stand, which they did, before moving on with matters. "Benaat, I wish to speak to the High Priestess alone. Leave us."

The soldier bowed his head to his ruler before making his leave, the tension in the air made it extremely hard for him to concentrate. He did offer a friendly nod to the woman he had come to think of as a friend before he left her side.

She appreciated the gesture before turning back to the matter at hand. "Sire, I am your obedient servant. How may I serve thee?"

"Your visions, have they changed at all?" The Pharaoh didn't waste any time in the matter he wanted to pursue. Like Ladice he was concerned about the dream she had the night before and wanted to know how serious it was.

Holding out her right hand Ladice used the Anubis Paw to conjure up a small visage of the knight she had dreamt about in her hand. "This monstrosity is a grim sight to behold, sire, but I am no closer to finding out what it is."

The young man kept his stone like expression still. "A woman of your intelligence should know what it is that troubles my thoughts. How is it you haven't solved the mystery?" His tone was of extreme disappointment and made his slaves quiver in fear. Usually what follows the disappointment of the Pharaoh was torture or death for those who displeased him. Even soldiers who faithfully served him were not safe and neither was the High Priestess for that matter.

Yet Ladice wasn't afraid. She did not fear death, nor her Pharaoh for that matter. She didn't back down. "Sire, even as much as I know, there are answers which elude even me."

Finally, a grin etched the stone of the Pharaoh's face. "Even before the one who represents the Gods on earth, you show backbone where others cower. That is what I have always respected about you, Ladice."

She nodded once, gratitude for the compliment.

"But the matter at hand is the creature we both shared a dream about."

"My magical prowess and the technology available to me did discover one answer, but it has since led to many more questions than answers."

"Which is?"

"That it is an otherworldly being. A creature born in another dimension."

The Pharaoh sat back in his stone throne, his visage showing he was troubled. "Another world? Like the Gods?"

Ladice shook her head slowly and continued, "No, sire. I believe this creature comes from a world that is higher even than that of our divine creators. We should proceed with utmost caution."

"The armies of the Pharaoh will be ready for this monster should it actually appear. Then we will see how this otherworlders mettle firsthand," proclaimed the ruler as he sat confidently in his throne. Then he added a special detail, "And as long as I have the High Priestess and her magic at my side, then my troubles matter naught in the end."

Ladice couldn't help but feel pride swell in her chest, being in such high regard and hearing it directly from the Pharaoh himself would do that to just about anyone.

A sonic boom from high above the palace broke the atmosphere and through the opening in the roof came a creature that gather all eyes to it. The Pharaoh got to his feet, startled by the sudden arrival. The slaves all panicked and took cover near the throne, hoping its magic would protect them. Ladice turned halfway and her eyes went wide at what she saw. A familiar shaped monster in all white armor and an otherworldly appearance was kneeling in the small crater it created upon landing, creating cracks in the thick stone beneath its feet.

It stood up slowly as countless soldiers surrounded it with their swords and spears drawn and ready for battle. Even Benaat had returned from outside to see what had transpired.

The creature didn't seem concerned with the soldiers threatening its presence. It was staring right ahead. At first Ladice thought it was looking at the Pharaoh, but to find out for certain she took one step to the right and its head moved with her.

It wasn't interested in the Pharaoh. It was after her.

But like with the royal, the High Priestess wasn't backing down. She raised her right hand, a sphere of sand forming floating above her palm. "If you want me, then prepare yourself."