If you are a real foodie, you know there is nothing better than delicious mouthwatering food. One big question always haunts your mind, "Whether you eat to live or live to eat". For Sukhbir Mawkin, as she is a keen foodie, she is fond of visiting eateries to explore different tastes. She had been to The Breakfast Club and ordered burritos and waffles. She found them so amazingly tasty that she could resist leaving a review about her experience. Aside from the delicious food, she loved their customer service.

Apart from The Breakfast Club, Sukhbir has visited SushiSamba which specializes in blending Japanese, Brazilian, & Peruvian culture and cuisine. She loved the place so much so that she added it in her favorite list. Not only this, she vowed to visit this place whenever she had been to London.

Just being a foodie does not fully describe her. She loves to make international trips and over the years, she had made fond memories of her travel to various places. She can still recall the beautiful Mahmya Island when she visited Hurghada, Egypt with her family. Sukhbir Mawkin relaxed with cocktails on the white sandy beaches, snorkelled in sparkling, clear blue waters and explored the under-water coral reefs.

About Sukhbir Mawkin

As a volunteer, Sukhbir Mawkin has learned office experience, events logistics, project and team work, customer service, handling payments and operating tills, and public speaking. She is dedicated to providing vital support for the most vulnerable people in society, and their families.