Jay Sawyer of Glenview, IL shares some points on whether US should abolish the Electoral College or not. He notes that the intentions of this system are no longer relevant in the United States. After massive leaps in the field of technology and education, the American electorate is more than capable of directly electing their own President. He also highlights that when the Constitution was written, there were only a fraction of the states there are today.

According to Sawyer, the 2016 presidential election saw a record number of faithless electors cast ballots for someone other than the person whom voters chose with their votes. Washington State had 4 faithless electors, while Texas had two and Hawaii had one. If someone receives just 1 electoral vote, they can be chosen to be president if no one receives a majority of the electoral college.

Strengthening his point to abolish Electoral College, Sawyer explains that it offers limited equality levels for populous states. Moreover, it applies only to the presidential election as no other election in US is forced to go through the Electoral College. Overall, it is a system reserved for only president and vice-president.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer of Glenview, IL feels that abolishing the Electoral College would require candidates to spend campaign time as well as money across the country. With the abolition of the Electoral College, a vote in every state, no matter big or small, red or blue, would have equal weight.