The news of the pie toss opening had spread through the crow quicker than a California wildfire. Soon dozens and dozens of people were flocking to the wooden counter. The boys were lured in by the chance to throw a pie at the new beauty, there was something flirty about giving a chance to throw a pie at a cute girl, it was just an added bonus that the girl in question was a cute cheerleader.

The girls on the other hand were drawn in because it was a chance to get even. The dunking booth and pie toss had always been a way for a not so popular girl to get noticed. Often volunteering for such attractions often meant a major social promotion was in the works for the girl or guy who had volunteered. A write up in the local paper often followed too.

But none of that seemed to pop into Katie's mind as she stood there, locked in the wooden stocks, peering at the wooden counter. A massive crowd of people had formed around the wooden counter. Katie noticed that a large number of boys seemed to be sporting Letterman jackets, jeans and button down shirts. The girls for the most part seem to be wearing turtleneck sweaters, skirts and leggings.

Finally from the crowd there came a boy with short red hair and baby blue eyes. He wore a simple, cotton hoodie that was zipped up to the top. A pair of faded jeans and old sneakers completed his outfit. Katie blushed a little as she noticed the boy near the front of the counter. Her blush deepened as she watched the boy drop a crumbled up five dollar bill down on the counter. He then lifted up one of the cream pies.

And a second later, her world was turned upside down. She felt the cream spraying over her head and felt her face getting buried in the layers of cream and pudding. She could feel the weight of the pie filling dripping down the back of her top. She could barely regain her senses when another pie came flying in, this shot over her head and landed on her back! Katie let out a girlish scream as the pie tin bounced off her back and landed to the side. Her whole back was covered now with chocolate pudding and creamy whip topping.

And yet again, barely five seconds later she felt another pie, whoever was throwing this one, must have tossed it high as she felt the pie tin landing on her bottom. Once more a girlish scream escaped her lips as she felt the cold pudding and cream smash into her skirt covered bottom. Katie tried to move her hips around, but nothing seemed to shake the pie tin that was firmly glued to her bottom. A deep blush formed on the girl's cheeks as she felt the pudding and cream starting to work its way into the fabric of her skirt. It was so embarrassing and yet she could not help but giggle. It was so silly too!

"You see boys and girls!" Cried Lily safely out of harm's way. "She totally loves it. So step right up and buy a pie. Five dollars a pie, just five one dollar bills and you will be given a chance to throw a pie into the face of the lovely Ms. Edwards." Lily Chanted. "Ten dollars, and you'll be given a chance to walk behind the wooden counter and smash that pie right into Katie's pretty little face!"

Katie's sense of embarrassment increased as she felt a hand running a damp rag over her face. Soon her eyes and nose were clean of the layer of cream and pudding. But her hair was still a mess of pie crust, pudding and cream. Then she felt somebody leaning over and in a gentle tone of voice that somebody whispered into her ear.

"Come on honey. Give them a smile. Remember you're a cheerleader and cheerleaders always have to smile." The voice said, "Gotta remember that when you make varsity. People expect a smiling cheerleader. And at cheer camps, they count off ten points for the whole squad if anybody's smile drops just for a second."

Katie blinked. She then took a deep breath and soon she found herself smiling. A few seconds later the voice once more whispered into her ears.

"That's right." The voice said. She could feel the pie tin that had been resting on her back and her bottom being removed. A flood of pudding thought came rushing down her back and down her bottom, coating her legs.

A few seconds later another pie came sailing in, this time it smashed to her right, coating her hands in thick, sticky pudding and creamy, she heard a whine of disappointment coming from the person who threw the pie. Thinking quickly, Katie took a deep breath and called out.

"Give them another pie! I'll pay for it and let them come and shove it right into my face!" A stunned silence fell over the crowd. A few moments later those words came back to bite her in the bottom as she felt two pieces smash into her head. She had just been given a classic pie sandwich. Now it was Katie turn to whine and jiggle as she felt the cream, pudding and pie crust being worked into her hair. Whoever had pied her was taking their sweet time and really rubbing in the topping. At this point, Katie knew that she would indeed be attending mass with cream, pudding and pie crust still in her hair!

"Wow!" Katie heard a voice call out. The voice was only a muff because her ears were clouded with cream and pudding. "A combination pie sandwich using banana cream pudding and strawberry pudding! Wow! That is something I've never seen before! And I've been a cheerleader all my life almost!" The voice echoed, Katie was straining to hear it.

"So!" Katie heard again as her voice walked near her. "How does it taste?"

Katie blinked and blinked again. And then she decided to go the comical route. She stuck her pink tongue out. Slowly she started to move it around, trying to get a drop of pudding or cream off her face, at last she succeeded in getting some pudding and crust into her mouth. After a thoughtful moment of chewing on it, she nodded her in approval.

"It tastes pretty sweet! I don't really like strawberries though!" She said as an afterthought.

"Oh so sorry to hear that!" Lily said smirking, "Because, we have a whole bucket full of strawberry pudding right here. And three more pies." She added with a giggle. "And to give you those last three pies, I've brought in three special people." Lily added as she reached down into the pocket of her skirt. Quickly Lily fished out a moist rag and using the rag she gently cleaned the gathered mess out of Katie's eyes.

Katie embarrassment was increased ten fold as she saw the outline of her mom, dad and older sister stepping out from the crowd. Her older sister Lana still had a towel wrapped around her. Wearing a smile that reached from one ear to the other Lana walked over to the table and picked up a heavy pie that was crowded with a thick layer of stiff meringue.

"Lana." Lily said, smiling softly. "Before you push that pie into your little sisters face, would you want to say anything to her?"

Lana smiled and just gently shook her head.

"The only thing I want to say to her, is Katie, sometimes you're a bit of a brat. And yes sometimes we fight over some really dumb stuff. But in the end you're my sister and I love you. That being said, ravage is also sweet." And with that Lana stepped forward and gently pushed the pie into Katie's face. Soon Katie's head vanished into the folds of creamy meringue. The thick layers of pudding muffed Katie's yells and groans. Lana though took her time and twisted the pie tin around, making sure to really get the pudding over every inch of Katie's face. Once that was done she lifted the tin up and smashed it down upon her little sister's head! She even gave the tin a little pat for good measure.

"Oh such sweet words. Sweeter than the custard filling of those pies I believe." Lily said smiling as she watched a few drops of custard drop down from Katie face down upon the ground. And if I remember correctly, Katie kind of dunked you in the dunking booth." Lily said, turning toward Lana. "So this is a little payback right?"

"Yep!" Lana said, smiling softly.

"Okay up next we have Katie mom.." Lily said, smiling softly as she watched the middle age woman gently bend down and pick up a heavy looking pie. The pie was one of those rare all cream pies. They had kind of ran out of pudding toward the end, so they had just piled the creamy topping into a tin and called it good enough. Katie's mom smiled as she walked over to her daughter, bending down and gently pushed the pie into Katie's custard covered face. Then she gently started to twist it around, moving the pie tin up and down, left to right and finally dumping the rest on top of her hair.

"Love you princess!" Called her mom as she stepped away.

"Nothing sweeter than the bond a mom shares with her daughters." Lily added. As she watched Katie face become one white bob of cream. "And for a change of pass. No pudding, though were going to make up for that in a minute folks." She said smiling softly as she watched Katie dad stride up to the stall next. Katie's father was tall and had the hardened look of a man who made his money doing a lot of heavy lifting. He was a lean fellow though, with short brown brown hair and a hard judging eye.

A man of very little words, He simply picked up the pie and gently pushed it into Katie's face, giving her a good coating of creamy, yellowish looking pudding. He then shrugged his shoulders and stepped to the side. Though after a moment he returned. He bent down, reached into back pocket and pulled out a small rag and then with a tenderness that made everyone gush, he started to clean some of the pudding, cream and crust from Katie's eyes.

Katie smiled at the jester, but her smile soon turned to a look of shock and embarrassment as she saw her mom and her older sister coming at her. Both hand their hands around the white handle of the bucket that was filled to the brim with strawberry pudding.

"And because your mom and sister love you so very much." Lily said, smiling. "They both chipped in and brought that big bucket of pudding to dump all over you!"

Katie felt her cheeks flush a bright red.

"Now on the count of three.. three... two.. one and it's pudding time!"

And then Katie's whole word turned pink as the bucket of pudding was upturned over her head. Not all the pudding fell on her head, a good bit did though, the rest was drizzled about. Lana and her mom made sure to get her back and her bottom and in the end she was coated from the top of her head to the bottom of her skirt. The sweet smell of the strawberries filled her nose and soon big droplets of pudding were starting to drop off her skirt and run down her face.

"What can we say, a family that pies together! Staying together. And with that folks we are all out of pies! Katie you have been a wonderful volunteer. You have raised a ton of money for the school! And we, the Benton Varsity Cheerleaders, are in your debt. When you feel like it, head down to the shop and pick up your dress. I'll have it dry cleaned and all ready for you!"

Lily paused.

"Anyway, one more question before we let you out of those stocks. Why did you want a formal gown?" She asked. "That million dollar question all of the cheerleaders have been asking, and I was wondering if you could enlighten us a little?" Lily was in her element. She loved being the hostess for these types of events. It made her feel like a star who had her own talk show, plus it gave chance to use her connections.. for the greater good she supposed.

"I needed a gown for the Winter Formal.." Katie said blushing.

"Do you have a date or tickets?" Lily asked.


"Well since Potter Mercantile is the one that is going to sponsor the dance, I can get you two tickets for free." Lily said, smiling. "As for the date, something tells me that you're going to be very popular with the boys after this little stunt." She said winking.

Nobody could see Katie blush under the thick coating of pudding, pie crust and cream.

The End.