Anil Mawkin has been providing expert commercial lighting solutions throughout his professional career. He ensures that all of his proposed solutions save energy usage and overhead costs. Anil believes that key to the success of any project is the delivery of the 'correct' solution by sourcing the most suitable luminaires according to the lighting specification and scheme requirements.

Anil started his career working on multiple projects involving Fibre Optic Lighting, CIBSE LG3 and LG7 Lighting – category 1, 2 and 3 Luminaires, Low Voltage Lighting, Uplighters, High Frequency Regulated Lighting, Emergency Lighting, Flood-Lighting, Street and Amenity Lighting.

With the progression of technology, LED lighting offers many benefits for industrial and commercial business sectors. Key to the success of LED lighting is that it appeals to businesses/individuals who are interested in reducing their energy usage and costs, but are also eco-friendly. LED lighting offers a long lifespan, energy efficiency and improved environmental performance.

In today's world, customers are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly options. By utilizing such light sources companies are able to attain eco-friendly and sustainability credentials, as well as attract a socially conscious customer base. Anil Mawkin states that LED lighting products equipped with back lit technology, effectively and evenly distributes the light across the surface of a luminaire. Thus, assisting in the reduction of carbon emissions and is much more Eco-friendly.

About Anil Mawkin

Pertaining to the other projects Anil Mawkin has worked on, he is specialized in Educational, Medical, Office, Task and Decorative lighting. Anil has also organised and carried out CPDs with Architects, Consulting Engineers, Interior Designers and Lighting Consultant. Out of work, Anil avidly follows cricket and horse racing.