Being an American flute artist, Jessica Kahal got an opportunity to perform with her high school choir in a candlelight memorial for the September 11th terrorist attacks in the school's amphitheater. While the combined choirs sang "This Is My Country" and "America the Beautiful" on this emotion-charged date, Kahal chose to perform on her favorite "Danny Boy" for her solo flute performance. Undeniably, Kahal had many admirers of her work even before her career took off, thanks to the opportunities that she got during her high school to showcase her talent.

Thus, with extensive international touring, frequent radio and television appearances, & promotion of the arts as well as her passionate work in the field of music education, Kahal has become a household name at a young age.

As the member of her high school Orchestra, Jessica got the chance to perform their winter concert at the renowned Armstrong Theater. This was one of the other great opportunities she got during her school days.

As an American flutist, Jessica Kahal's fame has exceeded her critical acclaim over the years, thanks to her excellent technique and showmanship. Not only has she performed throughout the US, but has also appeared at several major international festivals both as a soloist and recitalist.

About Jessica Ashley Kahal

Born and raised in a musically-inclined family, Jessica Kahal always had the support of her parents when she decided to pursue a career in music. By the time she was in high school, she had already dedicated years to exploring the technique of the instrument. She was a member of her high school choir that gave her many opportunities to perform in front of a larger audience.