Jay Sawyer of Northbrook cannot forget the horrific events of the past few years that has forced him to dig deep into the tradition of horse racing. He agrees with the fact that horse racing is cruel and has a darker side. It is much beyond the happy crowds gathered around the pristine-looking tracks.

Sawyer agrees with the fact that horse racing has a great effect on economy, however, it takes its toll on the horses themselves. There are several accounts of horses being pushed to the limits, and even abused, all for the sake of profit. Race horses are often seen as money-making objects and not living creatures worthy of compassion or respect.

Various studies have shown that pain may be misinterpreted by riders and trainers as the horse just 'behaving badly'. Sawyer feels that it is important for us to be able to read signs of emotions shown by a horse.

Horse racing also involves tongue ties that is the widely used and unregulated practice of immobilising a horse's tongue to prevent the horse getting their tongue over the bit during a race and to preventing 'choking' during high intensity exercise. Problems associated with tongue tie use include horses showing signs of pain, anxiety and distress, difficulty swallowing, cuts and lacerations to the tongue, bruising and swelling.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer from Northbrook states that horses are extremely powerful animals, and really do not have to let humans do anything with them. Hence an act of cruelty can be dangerous not only for the horse but also for the rider, if the horse responds aggressively. Overall, Sawyer strongly opposes the use of horses in the racing industry.