Graceful Beauty

Beauty can be dangerous.

Beauty can be deceiving.

It grabs hold of you.

And you can't let yourself go.

Beauty is The Tempter's trick.

For he was beautiful too.

Before he fell from grace.

His soul darkened forever by the ugliness of sin.

And now he beguiles, he blinds.

Beauty is everywhere.

All around. Within.

Do you see it?

Or do you see its mask?

Do you see beauty for what it really is?

The light of God.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

For he who sees all, sees true beauty.

He who sees what is only on the outside, has a lot to learn.

For beauty does go skin deep, and flows from the soul.


Don't be fooled.

The true gift of beauty is its grace.

Be lovely, be attractive, be beautiful, but from the inside out.

Practice charity, humility, and be loving.

Don't let vanity and materialism lead you down a wrong path.

Yes, it's a grace to be beautiful.

Don't let it be wasted, and let it shine.

Ida M. Nieves

May 24, 2021