Bette On It: Weird Adolescence. Senior Year 2003-2004. Excerpt...

It was Sunday December 21st. Bette and Ozzy were working on their psychology homework together. They weren't in the same class period, but they had the same teacher and the same homework, so it was easy to have an excuse to get together to do the work. The psych homework was done quickly. Bette wore a long skirt that day so if she and Ozzy could have an opportunity to hook up, she'd be able to do so quickly. She also brought her camera with her to get some shots of Ozzy for both photography class and for themselves. She put in a separate roll of film in the camera just for them. She told him to take his guitar and play in a place that felt natural, where he felt his best; he sat on his bed. She told him to keep playing and she would do the rest. He started performing songs from his notebook. She adjusted the blinds and let the natural light come in. It was difficult to work with, but she loved the lines it created on him. The snow outside enhanced the brightness of the sunlight. She gave him a fixed point saying this spot was his audience, if you're going to look, look there. She moved to different points of the room focusing, refocusing, and clicking the camera while he performed for her. She constantly had to adjust the blinds to the changing light, but she didn't care. He was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen and she loved him. She stood in the spot where she told him his fixed-point audience was and she watched him through the camera. He was sexy, passionate, and alive, but something was missing.

He kept singing and playing she adjusted the camera's focus to where she wanted and when she had it right, she touched her breast with her free hand. Ozzy looked aroused, but it wasn't the face of his she wanted. She tried letting out a sexy moan, but he knew the sounds she made and the look on his face said 'you're kidding me.' She reached down with her free hand and started bunching up her skirt. Her hemline slowly rose up her leg. Ozzy's face started to change as she viewed him through the camera. He was turned on, but she wanted that face that was etched in her memory. Her skirt was bunched up around her hips and she showed him her panties; Ozzy started breathing harder as he sang. His face was closer to what she wanted to capture, but it still wasn't right. She stuck her fingers into the top of her panties and said softly, "Go." A split second later, Bette snapped the camera, took her hand out of her panties, and let her skirt hem fall. Ozzy had started to get up. "Stop. Got it. That was the look I wanted from you."

Ozzy's face dropped. "God you're good. You had me going there. I thought you actually wanted to have sex there for a minute."

She held her camera in front of her chest. "We are making art, not love right now."

"I can do both." He said with a playful smile.

She walked up to him. From where he sat on the bed, they were eye to eye. "First business then pleasure." She kissed him softly but quickly.

"How much more business is on the roll?"

"Another dozen."

"Can I try?"

She gave him a smirk. "Okay. But it means I can't use this roll for class. If it's not for an assignment, I can't use the darkroom. I'll have to get it developed elsewhere."

Ozzy grinned. He set his guitar aside and took the camera strap off her neck and put it around his. "Lie down."

She closed her eyes and chuckled. "Ozzy, I'm not going to-"

"I'm asking you to trust me. It's your camera. It's your film. I'll stop as soon as you tell me to stop." He didn't ask intrusively, but he wasn't begging either.

"Go ahead," She had total faith in him.

Ozzy had her take off her blouse. She had a spaghetti strap tank top and bra on underneath. He had her take the straps down and she tucked them into the sides of her bra. He had her get in the bed and use the top sheet to cover her chest and leave her arms and collarbone exposed. She looked like she could have been nude. He handed her purse and asked her to put on some lip color, just enough to make her lips pop. When he told her to then get comfortable, she propped her head on her hand and smiled for him. He told her no, he told her to look like she was sleeping. Bette was confused by his request but relented. At first, she couldn't relax. She had her eyes closed and waited in anticipation for the camera to click. Ozzy leaned over and kissed her. He whispered, "You are a sleeping sasquatch monster." Bette smiled and sighed. She relaxed. He moved the waves of her hair over the pillow and she relaxed further. He snapped the camera. "Roll and reposition like you would in the middle of the night." She kept her eyes closed and did as he said. He moved a few more strands of her hair and took a deep exhale. Ozzy snapped a photo. "On your side." She rolled to her side and adjusted the pillow. He moved a few more hairs. The camera snapped a couple times. Ozzy opened a drawer and handed her something. "Hold this." She kept her eyes closed, but she could tell it was a teddy bear. She clutched it under her arm and gave it a kiss. Ozzy snapped the camera when she did. She let out a laugh; he snapped the camera as she did. She finally opened her eyes and gave him a sly look. Ozzy snapped the camera when she looked down the lens at him. "Back to sleep sasquatch." She fell back to the pillow with her fingers curled by her face. He snapped another photo. She yawned. Ozzy snapped a photo. She opened her eyes and he was hovering over her. "I love you," he said. She smiled and he snapped a photo.

"I love you too." She stretched her arms out wide. Ozzy snapped another photo. Ozzy walked to the side of the bed and stood at an odd angle. He refocused the camera. He then laid down by her side and tried not to move the camera from where he held it.

"You're going to have to be the big spoon this time."

"I think I can live with that. A smile?"

"I can't think of a time I've ever been happier." He clicked the camera then looked at it. "That was the last one."

"I can't imagine how these are going to turn out," said Bette.

"With this much beauty on film. I'm amazed we didn't break your camera." He carefully set the camera down on his bedside table, turned over in place; they wrapped their arms around each other and gave each other a big kiss.

But what happened after? And what was on Ozzy's mind?

They wrapped their arms around each other and gave each other a big kiss. Bette opened her lips to him. After taking the pictures and her being on the bed, he was already hard for her. He pulled the sheet that was between them away from them; Bette's spaghetti strap tank top twisted in the process. She did nothing to cover herself up. Ozzy moved further on the bed with her and she moved with him; they didn't open their eyes or stop kissing. She gave him a salacious sigh to encourage him. Will I ever not want her? He started bunching up her skirt and her hem rose from her ankles up around her waist. At the same time, Bette started unbuttoning his shirt.

"See, I told you we would have time for love after art," she said between kisses on his neck.

"Who said I was done making art? There's another song from the notebook I didn't perform for you, a new one."

He grabbed her around her back and thigh and laid her on her back. He held himself over her and sang in a low whisper over her every limb and crevice of her body while he caressed her. She watched him intently. He breathed warm breaths on her body; stopping occasionally to kiss or lick her skin.

"As gentle as the springtime air

With hardly a breath from her lips

I bent my knee and said I'd care

Wishing to keep her in my grips

Falling unto the banks, no hope

Desperately reaching for her hand

Reaching the end of my rope

All I hold is dry, hollow sand.

From the ice and from the snow

Running from the hills it flows

From the sky into the sea

She runs her waters into me."

"You give me chills, Ozzy," Bette moaned. She rubbed her thigh against his. She reached over and peeled off his shirt. She pushed herself up into his chest and took a deep inhale of his chest hair.

"There's more, so much more."

She held on to him and he lay her back down. He sang with his lips hovered over hers. He braced himself above her. His right hand began to caress its way back down her body and into her panties. By the time he got to the chorus again, he had removed her panties, slid his fingers into her, and moved with her in time with his song. Bette was sighing to his touch.

"I crawled to the waves from misery

Wishing for the pain to change

Nothing, she left me, in agony

Yet the sky extended my eyes range

The clouds cleared and the sun shone

I dipped my hands into the water

My ears deceive me, I hear a moan

I drank from the well of another

From the ice and from the snow

Running from the hills it flows

From the sky into the sea

She runs her waters into me."

Bette pulled him into her and kissed him deeply as he kept pleasuring her with his touch. Ozzy pulled back looked her in the eyes and asked with a whisper, "You want me to drink from your well?"

Bette gave him a soft glare and a smile. "From my wild waters?"

He kissed the side of her neck and she moaned to his touch and kiss. He whispered, "From your power source." He kept singing as he pleasured her and moved his mouth down her body. She pulled her breasts out of her bra. He took his time between rhymes to make sure her nipples were pert with his lips and tongue and she enjoyed it. She was already twitching and moaning by the time he got to the end of the verse and he withdrew his fingers and planted his mouth on her wet loins.

"An endless chalice of water sweet

The reservoir refilled itself at dawn

Our sorrow brought us forth to meet

On that spring day we were drawn

But the moment fleeting, come and gone

What is left that I could have to say

Your water's not mine, and yet I long,

Your water is amazing today."

Could she be more beautiful? Could she sound more beautiful? Ozzy watched her moan and sigh while he hummed the bridge, thinking the words to himself, while he swept his mouth and lips over her.

When winter comes, I'll drink snow

It will remind me of what is lost

Remember what will freeze will grow

Ice and ashes were the cost.

He ran his hands over her body as he continued to consume her. Bette's moans grew stronger, "Oh, Ozzy! Ah-ah-aaaah!" Her body rolled like waves against his arms. Her legs gripped tightly around his sides. He tasted the sweetness of her. He felt the all of the softness of her: her skin, her clothes, her hair, her scent, her sound. I will never tire of this.

When he withdrew from her, she was panting to the release he caused. He rose in front of her and gently, barely, massaged the wet folds of her. While he sang the chorus again. She looked at him as she let out a few more gasps and moans.

"From the ice and from the snow

Running from the hills it flows

From the sky into the sea

She runs her waters into me."

"Ah-ah-oh! Mmmh. Keep going," she sighed.

"You want another?" He growled, raising his eyebrow.

"Yeah. I want yo-ou!" She moaned.

He leaned back over her and braced himself above her again. He whispered, "Inspire me, Bette." He slowed his touch. "Talk to me. Show me."

She panted, "Like how?"

He could see the desperate desire on her face for more, he could feel it in her body. "It's been a while since the shower, I know. Like that, but I want more. Tell me. Show me. Touch me." He grazed his tongue over hers. "Give me the tools I need to make more art while I make love to you." I need everything you have before it's gone.

Bette sighed, "Oh-ah!" She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. "Keep moving slow. I want you to make it last."

"Me too." He kissed her neck once.

"Mmm. I like it when you do that."

"Do what?" He whispered in her ear. He moved his fingers against her a little more.

"Uh! Ki-iss my neck. A-and when-when you have your lips on my ear. I like that. I like the way that feels."

Ozzy grazed his lips over the edge of her ear and spoke in the lowest whisper, "How does it feel? Where do you feel it?" He moved his fingers in slow, long strokes in and out of her, teasing her body; Bette gasped for breaths.

"It's like hot chills what you do to me. I feel you everywhere." She ran a hand through his scalp and held his head tight against hers. "It's like, oh, every nerve is alive. Not just alive, but sprinting. Ah. Can you feel it? My heart? How wet you make me? Mmm. God, you smell good!" She adjusted her legs and gripped his hips.

"You feel amazing, inside and out." Don't forget how it feels.

"I want you Ozzy. I don't want to wait anymore!"

He pushed himself up and hovered over her. They locked eyes. "I want you to enjoy it." He sped up his swirling fingers.

She panted and moaned, "But I want you to feel it!" She reached over to the bedside table for his condoms. Ozzy started to undo his belt with his left hand while still touching her with his right. He fumbled for a moment, but as soon as Bette found the condoms, he didn't need to be the one to undo his pants; she reached down and did it for him. He pushed his jeans and shorts down a bit and she rolled the condom onto him. He stepped off the side of the bed and pulled them off completely. She looked at him, tall and strong. "You are a marvel."

"Let me look at you." He pulled her to the edge of the bed where he stood. Her skirt, tank top, and bra were bunched around her middle. She wasn't uncomfortable by it and the messy clothes only turned him on further. He ran her right leg up his body and felt the smoothness of her skin. He ran his hand back down and held her thigh. He took a strong hold of her inner thigh and she giggled.

"That tickles," she smiled up at him.

He pressed himself against her. "When I rub your clit with my cock?" He rubbed the head of him against her. "Does that tickle?"

She sighed to the continued teasing of her body. "No Oz. I like that. You got me right on the edge. You feel it?" She grabbed his left hand and put it on her chest between her breasts so he could feel her heart racing. "I want you."

He continued to tease the outside of her. Even through the condom, he could feel how warm and wet she was. He spoke low, "You want me? Or you need me in you?" Control yourself. This won't last. He traced the outside of her with the head of his penis.

"I-I-I need you. I always needed you. I never needed you this bad before," She sighed and breathed heavily. Bette took his left hand in both of hers and began taking his fingers one at a time into her mouth while looking up at him.

He groaned to her touch. "I'm here, Bette. You have me." He penetrated her with a moan and closed his eyes briefly. Keep looking at her, you fool. How many more opportunities are you going to have like this? He took his wet fingers from her mouth and teased her exposed nipple with his left hand, rubbed her clitoris with his right, and kept grinding in and out of her. Bette was a raw nerve of pleasure from how he touched her. She is your muse, your instrument, and your audience. But for how much longer?

"Ozzy, you're so good! Ah!"

"Keep talking! Tell me! I need to know!" He rubbed his thumb faster.

"Uh! You-you you're strong. And you're sexy. Uh! Ah!" She closed her eyes tight and began to arch her back.

"I want you to look at me when you cum!" He said quickly. He stopped thrusting and kept rubbing his thumb on her hot, slick skin.

She stared up at him, "Aaaaaah! Ozzy!"

I won't forget how that looks, feels, or sounds. He felt her muscles contract and release around him. "Yeah. Uh! I feel that on me. I feel what I do to you."

"I don't want you to stop Oz. Get down here." She pulled his left hand over her head to bring his chest close to hers. "Hard, fast, or both. Just keep going." She planted her mouth on his.

It's not going to last. I'm not going to last for her. They moaned and sighed as he thrust into her again and again. Her tongue chased into his mouth. I don't think I'll ever be done kissing you. That's what you said Bette, but that time is going to come soon enough.

She pulled her mouth away from his, turned his head and took his earlobe between her lips. He moaned, gave her a firm thrust, and she responded with a light gasping scream.

"Sorry," she sighed. "I didn't want to scream right in your ear. Mmm."

"Don't-don't stop for me," he kept moving with her. He clung to her. "I just want it to feel good for you. Keep you coming back."

"Oh God!" She moaned. "You always do!"

She pulled his mouth back to hers and kissed him. Their mouths slicked open and their lips and tongues massaged each other the way they had learned the other loved.

Ozzy pulled back and looked at Bette. "Look at me when I cum. I need you to see it."

"Get it Ozzy." Bette reached a hand down and caressed her own hard nipples to arouse him further. "Are you gonna cum for me?"

He accelerated his thrusts looking at her, "Yeah. Yeah. Uh!"You will never hang on to her. She's going to leave let out a pair of hard groans staring at her. "I love you Bette." He pulled back his hips from her and kissed her.

She smiled, breathed hard, and let out a giggle, "I love you too, Ozzy."

He stood up straight and looked over her; she was messy, sweaty, pale, and glowing in beauty. She looked down at herself and picked his chest hairs off her body and wiped them on the bed. She rolled to her side and tried to find her panties that he had removed a while ago. She was a perfect mess. My perfect mess. He stepped into his bathroom and took off the condom and dropped it in the garbage can. Ozzy took a washcloth and ran it under the warm water of the sink and wiped the sweat and fluids off himself. He grabbed another clean cloth and left it on the sink for her. He looked at himself in the mirror. You remember how it feels right now: you're in love, you satisfied each other, she needed you, she thinks you're sexy. You've never been happier. When you first told her you loved her you thought this would never happen, you thought she would break you into pieces right away. She won't stay around long enough to see the wreckage.

"You done in there Oz? I gotta pee," she called to him.

He walked out of the bathroom to see her partially redressed: her bra, tank top, and skirt were back on and she had her blouse on unbuttoned and she was holding her panties. She looked at him, still naked, and grunted. "You are magnificent." She walked past him, slapped his butt, and went in his bathroom and closed the door. He could hear her pee, run the sink, and use the body spray she kept in there. When she came out, he could tell she had also used his comb and mouthwash; he was already dressed. She looked at the clock, "I know I don't need to get home for another hour, but I still have some of my creative writing work to chip away at before Wednesday, and I'd rather not do it all Tuesday night, you know?"

"I get it. I'll bring you home."

Bette got her camera bag and her back pack together and they went out to his car. If it weren't so cold outside, she would have walked home. It barely took two minutes to drive the three blocks home. She looked at him as he parked in front of her house.

"I'm pretty sure you still got me buzzin' in my skirt," she smiled wide and touched him on his arm. Ozzy softly smiled back. "Where'd that come from today? I mean, the sex is always good, but you were-I don't know." She giggled and grunted.

He looked at her bundled in her coat. Even all wrapped up, he could still see the afterglow of their love-making on her. She couldn't hide it. She never could. She never could lie to me. "I think it was the pictures. There was something about seeing you through the lens. You trusted me to do that."

She smiled and gave him a a sighing laugh. "I've always trusted you my Highland man. But let's be honest: we were going to have sex today anyways. If my camera made you that motivated," she leaned over the center console crabbed his coat collar and touched her forehead to his. "I can't imagine what we're going to do to each other when I get the pictures back." She gave him a slow, deep, sighing kiss and another short one after.

"I have the mental pictures until then and the most beautiful sounds to go with it in my memories." That's all you'll have soon enough. Memories.

"Oz the Great and Powerful: lover and song writer. You should write that down." She opened the car door. "Sounds like the beginning of something."

"Sure thing." The beginning of the end.

She got out and closed the door and walked up the sidewalk. She got to the steps of the house, turned and blew him a kiss. He smiled and pretended to catch it in his hand. She turned back around and went in the house and flipped the porch light on and off to let him know she was inside. He put the car in drive and sang the fourth verse of 'Your Water Is Amazing Today.' The verse he didn't sing for her.

"Holding ice I wait for it to leak

Frozen skin will continue to stay

My mouth waters, yet I cannot speak:

Your water was amazing today.

When springtime comes again I'll know

What's here, or gone, or meant to be

Is there any further down to go?

Her waters will fall away from me

From the ice and from the snow

Running from the hills it flows

From the sky into the sea

She runs her waters far me."