The wind whipped the tears from my eyes

The car windows are down

Wind billowing through my hair.

Far away a memory, drowned

So deep I couldn't bear

To dig it up from the hardened ground

Covering my heart, covered because life isn't fair.

The wind paints my cheeks

A rosy hue,

Ink leaks from my pupils in streaks

Of darkened blue.

You picked me up and twirled me that night,

Our hearts filled to the brim with pure delight.

The stars twinkled above our heads

And all the pain we'd ever felt, well, it was dead.

Shot through with flaming arrows from our burning hearts,

There was nothing left to fear, as we were no longer two parts.

Our fingers entwined, mirroring our souls,

Finally at rest as our bodies seemed to mould.

Maybe we hadn't been made for each other,

Predestined in the stars,

But your eyes are my favorite color,

And my favorite song, ours.

The wind whips a strand of hair into my eyes,

And I find my cheeks too, have dried.

I turn my head into the warmth of the car

And there you are, smoking a cigar.

You don't ask about the ink on my cheeks,

No, you don't even ask me to speak,

You take my hand and squeeze.