(Somewhere in America)
A large dog barked happily as a little child ran around it, laughing. The child's parents looked on worriedly.
"Sweetie, do you think we should call her back?" Asked the husband. "Lancer has gotten a lot bigger than he was."
The wife kept her gaze on her daughter. "I know, but he's always been so gentle—"
She cut herself off as the dog barked again and leapt onto the child.
The man yelled as she screamed and they rushed forward, the dog still barking happily.
They reached the dog and the husband shoved it away from them, which the dog took as him wanting to play.
It wagged its tail harder and leaped around them, barking and lowering its front half onto the ground.
"Go away! Get!" Yelled the father. The mother was attending to the still screaming child, who had bleeding claw marks on her arm now.
The dog whined but stayed, still wagging its tail.
The neighbors came over now, having heard the screaming. "Is everything alright?" They asked.
"Call animal control, please!" Cried the mother, hugging her daughter. She picked her up and took two steps before the dog started barking again and leapt, teeth bared, onto the mother, bringing her down.
The father yelled again and charged at the dog, kicking and punching it. It yelped and whimpered, retreating under the onslaught.
He got it into a shed and locked the door, barricading it as the barks turned into snarls and the door started to shake. He went back to check on his wife and daughter, finding them under the care of the neighbors. Both now had bad gashes, and would need stitches. At least his daughter wasn't screaming now.
"Oh my god, are you alright?" He asked them, terrified.
"Yes, we're alright. Mr. Staton and his wife called the ambulance, and the animal control truck should be here in a little bit." His wife answered, pain lightly lacing her voice.
"Mommy? Why did Lancer do that?"

(Two weeks later)

Families all over America are sitting in front of their TVs, awaiting the nationwide broadcast that will explain the strange animal behavior.
Dogs and cats, and so many other animals, suddenly turned aggressive and started to grow bigger than any other of their species should ever be.
Strange people in strange clothes arrived at every home, asking questions and confiscating any and all pets, searching the house and even taking rats and other creatures.
Everyone wanted an explanation, so they were promised one.
The families' attention was centered on the screen, which they knew was going to turn into a message soon.
The whole nation held its breath at the TV screen started glitching. It turned into an EAS message, then switched to a live video of the United States President.
"Hello, citizens of America. I'd first like to thank everyone for waiting patiently." He began, "And I'd also like to apologize for all of the confusion regarding the events all over America.
"As I'm sure everyone knows, animals everywhere have been going through some strange changes. Increased aggression, advanced growth. All of the most renowned scientists have been working on finding the answer to these happenings, and they have recently succeeded.
"All animals, wild or domestic, have been infected by an airborne virus that has been named the Genetically Alternate Mutant Effect, or G.A.M.E. This virus causes animals to grow to unprecedented sizes, in hand with increased strength, smell, sight, and aggression. The animals inflicted by this virus have been dubbed the GAMERS.
"I urge everyone to report any and all GAMERS in your area, and remain inside. If you can afford it, I'll ask you to buy and install bars on your doors and windows. We still don't know the bounds of the GAMERS strength so we must take every precaution against them.
"I ask you to cooperate with any soldiers of the military that might move into your region, and provide them with any information about the GAMERS that you may possess.
"With this, I conclude my speech, and plead with you to remember what I have said, and keep it in mind for the days to come. We don't know when the G.A.M.E. virus will end, or if it is permanent, but we do know that this will be a hard time for America - and the entire world."

~~~~~~The Broadcast Has Ended~~~~~~